Maximum energy efficiency

The energy consumption of the latest chest freezers has been significantly reduced by the use of advanced electronics and highly efficient refrigeration components and, of course, appliance economy is a crucial consideration in the commercial sector. Instead of an electrical heating system for defrosting, hot-gas quickly defrosts the appliance from bottom to top.

The key advantage: excellent appliance reliability as ice does not build up in the drain area and block the outlet. This automatic defrosting process occurs twice a week, but can also be manually controlled. Environmentally friendly, HFC-free R290 is used as the coolant.

Sliding glass lids

The sliding glass lids are made from robust tempered safety glass and have excellent gliding properties, making them almost effortless to open. The lids close tightly to prevent heat loss and to prevent the ingress of moisture, thereby enhancing the chest freezers’ energy efficiency and reducing ice build-up. An integrated hot-gas frame heater prevents condensation forming so that there is always an optimal, uninterrupted view of the goods.