Press releases | 03/17/2023 Liebherr unveils new wine storage fridges

Liebherr-Hausgeräte is launching new models in its range of GrandCru wine storage fridges. Using innovative refrigeration technologies, the wine fridges provide a stable temperature zone and ideal humidity, as well as protection from ultraviolet light, odours and vibrations. GrandCru wine storage fridges are designed to unite these five key conditions for optimum wine storage in a compact space and with a modern, elegant design. This allows the wine to mature perfectly in its own space, preserving its unique, genuine flavour— just like a wine cellar.

Liebherr-Hausgeräte is launching new wine storage fridges for enjoying and keeping perfectly stored wine at home. To meet the exacting requirements needed to store wine, the appliances recreate the environment of an actual cellar. Undisrupted storage is essential for all wines to mature and develop their flavour.

The wine storage fridges come in the GrandCru and GrandCru Selection variants. Both versions of the new appliances come in elegant black and have stunning designs. Even inside, the pairing of the height-adjustable wooden shelves and the graphite grey metal or stainless steel back walls creates a visual impression of a high-quality environment while also ensuring constant ventilation. The GrandCru Selection not only provides optimal storage conditions but also displays the valuable bottles.

Complete protection for undisturbed flavour fulfilment

All GrandCru wine storage fridges are the perfect environment for storing fine wines — whether for a long or short time. This starts by ensuring smooth and stable storage, using low-vibration compressors and a cooling system that can dampen further vibrations. If you choose a model with a glass door, the special, triple-layer UV-protection glass protects the wines from light irradiation. To prevent any temperature changes inside the appliance, TempProtect Plus continuously monitors the temperature using two sensors. The precise electronic controls in all GrandCru wine storage fridges ensure that the temperature, which can be set between +5 °C and +20 °C, is constantly maintained. The touch display makes this easy to set.

Aside from the adverse effects of vibrations, light and temperature, the choice of humidity is a crucial factor when storing wine, as this ensures that the cork is not damaged and the wine remains securely sealed. HumiditySelect allows you to adjust the humidity in two stages, meaning that GrandCru wine storage fridges can be humidified or dehumidified. GrandCru Selection models are equipped with HumidityControl. This function allows the humidity to be regulated even more precisely within the range of 50% to 80% RH and continuously displays the current humidity. If the value falls below 50% RH, the appliance indicates this. The wine storage fridges also indicate when the activated charcoal filter needs to be changed, every six months. This means that undesirable odours can always be prevented from affecting the wine.

Stunning design, inside and out

The mere act of storing bottles of wine can quickly develop into a fully blown collection. That is why Liebherr’s wine storage fridges offer the largest possible capacity. The interior has been designed so that your bottles can be stored neck-to-neck on the wooden shelves. This way, the GrandCru Selection can get a little closer to the space a wine cellar can offer: Up to 324 bottles can be stored in the solid door model with a 75 cm niche and 200 cm height. In addition, a mechanical door lock and a SmartDeviceBox that allows you to control the appliance via an app are integrated into the Selection models at the factory and can be retrofitted for the GrandCru models.

An energy-saving and heat-saving LED light on the ceiling of the GrandCru appliances provides a good view of the stored bottles. For attractive lighting, the GrandCru Selection models with glass doors feature a vertical LightColumn with LED light. This can also be set as a dimmable presentation light to provide a continual view of the arranged wines. So as not to disturb the acoustics of your home, Liebherr wine storage fridges have an extremely low noise level.

Liebherr quality for sophisticated wines

With the new GrandCru wine storage fridges, Liebherr offers premium quality for its customers' equally high-quality wines. The priority of these storage solutions is to provide ideal conditions that preserve the genuine flavour and ensure the care of a good wine. At the same time, the specialist in refrigeration and freezing also focuses on the responsible use of resources for its wine appliances: The improved glass door models from GrandCru have energy efficiency class F — and the solid door models the even more efficient class E. In addition, the appliances have been developed for a particularly long service life, so that wines can not only be stored, but stored safely for years at a time.


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