Instant style for your kitchen

Liebherr’s reliable household appliances not only work hard for you around the clock, but look beautiful while doing it! This means that in today’s open concept homes, where kitchen appliances can be seen from other rooms, Liebherr fridges don’t detract from your class and style – they add to it! This ability to upgrade your kitchen in an instant can be achieved whether your chosen Liebherr appliance which has our classic stainless steel exterior or our edgy BlackSteel finish.

Superior form + function = durability

While the visual form of your appliances is an integral component for achieving your kitchen’s style, its ability to function is also crucial. Liebherr fridges are designed and built to withstand everyday use from the most demanding families. The repeated opening and closing of doors, drawers and compartments doesn’t affect our products – which are built with unsurpassed craftsmanship. Every Liebherr product combines the elegance of design with a reliable quality that withstands harsh wear and tear – and the test of time.

Modern Living

Read on to discover how our design incorporates the latest trends, how the refrigerator is evolving ever more into a design object, and what makes Liebherr appliances unique. More about liebherr design