State-of-the-art technology for maximum convenience

In creating this new generation of appliances, Liebherr's goal is to make everyday life easier through the use of innovative technology. BluPerformance appliances are not only energy efficient, quiet, spacious and high-performance, they also offer excellent ease-of-use on a daily basis.


Liebherr’s unique BioFresh technology provides constant temperatures and ideal humidity, and therefore, at a temperature just hovering over 0°C, Edam cheese will remain fresh for up to 120 days in a BioFresh compartment (compared to just 10 days in a refrigerator compartment), and lettuce will keep fresh for a full 19 days (instead of 7 days). This not only saves you money - as you throw away less food - it also saves you time. A BioFresh compartment keeps fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products fresher for much longer than a conventional refrigerator compartment.


The BioCool-Box enables you to regulate humidity, and so store fruit and vegetables to their very best advantage. In the BioCool-Box, your food will stay fresher for longer and, for ease-of-use, the BioCool-Box is positioned on smooth-running roller tracks.


The appliance interior is designed for flexible configuration with GlassLine shelves made from easy-to-clean safety glass, with premium-quality stainless steel trims. These shelves can be arranged according to requirements, and are very easy to remove.

Activated charcoal filter

All BluPerformance fridge-freezers and refrigerators feature a FreshAir activated charcoal filter, which is integrated into the PowerCooling fan housing. It purifies the circulating air by quickly trapping contaminants and odours, and ensures premium air quality within the appliance at all times.

Soft closing mechanism

BluPerformance appliances come with a premium-quality soft closing mechanism. Not only does it ensure that the refrigerator door closes automatically if left slightly open, it also guarantees gentle, secure and silent closure, even if the internal door shelving is fully stocked.


The BioFresh safes in our Premium appliances are positioned upon telescopic rails, which feature a handy self-retracting system and a soft closing mechanism. LEDs perfectly illuminate the contents in every section of the appliance.

Sophisticated handle concept

The premium-quality handle is ergonomically shaped to make it comfortable to hold; it features an integrated opening mechanism to ensure that the appliance can be easily opened and closed. The handle is secure and strong, and is able to withstand years of intense everyday use.


You too can benefit from the many advantages offered by the new generation BluPerformance appliances – a whole new dimension in freshness.


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