Procurement and operating costs

The research and laboratory sectors are subject to major cost pressures. When procuring appliances that have to work continuously, ongoing operating costs and additional expenses play a critical role in making purchase decisions. Consideration is given to factors such as reliability, expected repair and servicing costs, and the anticipated service life of the appliances.

Quick and easy maintenance

Depending on the application, legislators often require that appliances in the laboratory sector be regularly maintained for liability reasons. It must be possible to conduct the necessary servicing processes and actions quickly and efficiently.

In Liebherr appliances, all components and displays used for calibration and monitoring are easy-to-access and operate.

Minimal downtime and few repairs

Liebherr appliances are particularly durable and work reliably with almost no wear. To minimise downtime, we only use premium-quality, long-life components. For instance, our compressors and condensers are designed to work highly efficiently for many years, and our fans and relays are also virtually wear-free. Furthermore, we offer a ten-year spare parts guarantee.

Low energy consumption

Our laboratory appliances are particularly energy efficient. During everyday use, optimised insulation and environmentally friendly R 290 and R 600a refrigerants contribute significantly to appliance economy. The hot-gas defrosting system increases efficiency, as the defrosting cycles are much shorter than conventional electrical defrosting systems. Demand-responsive hot-gas defrosting helps to reduce electricity costs, and ensures that temperatures in the interior are virtually uninterrupted.

Optimum networking

Liebherr laboratory appliances can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Networked with other appliances and connected to external systems, they help to efficiently monitor processes like calibration, data management and documentation.