The right appliance for the right application

Whether you are a large research institution or a small laboratory, the Liebherr range offers models that will suit every location and every purpose. Appliances with Profi electronics are perfect for the long-term storage of large quantities of sensitive substances, whereas Liebherr's compact appliances, with Comfort electronics, are ideal for use where space is limited.

Appliances with spark-free interiors offer reliable, safe storage for highly flammable and explosive substances. You can choose between compact appliances and large capacity models.

All laboratory appliances impress with their long lasting, high-performance components, as well as their outstanding energy efficiency.

Liebherr laboratory appliance ranges

Liebherr laboratory appliances with Profi electronics are suitable for a variety of applications. These large-capacity models are the ideal solution when larger amounts of sensitive substances require storage.

Product safety is ensured not only by the robust design but also by the various alarm and documentation functions.

For work in areas with limited space, Liebherr offers appliances in a compact format. The range includes two freestanding and two under-worktop laboratory refrigerators, as well as a compact fridge-freezer.

The temperature in all models can be set to between +3°C and +16°C. The combination of the forced-air cooling system and precise electronic controls ensures temperature stability and uniform temperature distribution within the interior. To enable reliable and efficient documentation, all compact appliances come with an integrated min/max thermometer.

Highly sensitive and flammable substances can be safely stored in our laboratory appliances with a spark-free interior. The range includes two spark-free refrigerators and two spark-free freezers, both featuring Comfort electronics.

Appliance interiors comply with EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95).

Laboratory refrigerators with static cooling and spark-free interiors are built specifically for the storage of large quantities of explosive and highly flammable substances. The interiors of the LKexv models comply with all the safety requirements of EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95).

These robust appliances offer an impressively large usable capacity. The integrated thermostat makes it possible to finely adjust the refrigeration temperature between +1°C and +15°C.

With a storage temperature of -45°C, Liebherr laboratory chest freezers are designed to meet the specific requirements of the research, industrial and clinical sectors.

Like all Liebherr laboratory appliances, the chest freezers impress with maximised temperature consistency and comparatively low energy consumption.