Multi-functional touchscreen controls

Unexpected visitors or a last-minute weekend party: with BluPerformance, you know you have a refrigerator that can adapt to meet your needs. You benefit from being free to take care of your guests, whilst confidently knowing that your BluPerformance is taking care of your chilled food and drinks.

7" touchscreen display

The high resolution (800 x 600 pixels), 7" touchscreen display integrated into the door allows you to control your refrigerator in line with your needs. Pre-set programs, such as EnergySaver, MaxPerformance, Party and Holiday mode, offer maximum convenience in adapting to your everyday needs.

You can select your home screen preferred functions and view them at a glance. The storage recommendation function indicates how long a specified food remains fresh in the various cooling zones, and provides information about its vitamin and mineral content.

Benefit from a broad range of functions:

The Day-to-Day program is geared to everyday needs. It offers optimum refrigeration performance and efficiency, at standard temperature settings, for the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

The EnergySaver program is an extension of the Day-to-Day program. It allows you to further reduce energy consumption, beyond that achieved with the standard settings. To save additional energy, the temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer compartments are increased slightly and, because the interior temperature is higher, the appliance’s refrigeration circuit has to kick in less, and so less energy is used. The EnergySaver program also provides you with helpful energy-saving tips. For example, did you know that you could save energy by defrosting frozen food in the refrigerator compartment?

When the MaxPerformance program is used, the appliance provides its highest level of refrigeration performance. This is particularly useful if you need to chill large quantities of food in a short time.

The Party program is ideal when preparing for parties: SuperCool and SuperFrost are activated to temporarily store and chill larger volumes of food. The Bottle-Timer quickly chills your drinks in the freezer compartment, and optimum drinking temperatures can be reached by simply specifying the number of bottles/cans and the total volume in litres. Once the optimum temperature is attained, an alarm will sound.

The Holiday program minimises energy consumption whilst you are on holiday or absent from home for longer periods by setting the refrigerator compartment temperature to 15°C. The temperature in the freezer compartment remains at the pre-set value of -18°C.

2.4” display

As an alternative to the 7” touchscreen display, the BluPerformance range also offers a 2.4” touchscreen display located behind the door. This indicates the temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer compartments and, thanks to it being high resolution and high contrast, it is easy on the eyes and can be read from any angle. The menu is intuitive and easy-to-use.


You too can benefit from the many advantages offered by the new generation BluPerformance appliances – a whole new dimension in freshness.


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