Outstanding refrigeration technology and customised design

Liebherr offers you the opportunity to bring individual design to your refrigerators and freezers. This enhances the perception of your brand in the very place where customers make their buying decisions: the sales area.

Your brand presence can be increased thanks to the attention-grabbing LED display and to the all-round high-quality branding of the appliance. Hence, a drinks refrigerator (or an ice cream chest freezer etc.) becomes a sales promotion tool: one that conveys your brand message.

The wide range of Liebherr accessories enables you to tailor appliances to your specific needs. Your products always remain clearly visible and easily accessible.

Key branding benefits:

  • Your brand is showcased in an eye-catching manner by the individually branded refrigerator.
  • Long-lasting and energy efficient LEDs optimally present products to boost sales.
  • Functional accessories enable the refrigerator to be adapted to specific requirements.