Freezers for the Frozen Food and Ice Cream Industry

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Liebherr freezers offer maximum efficiency, yet low energy consumption. Highly effective insulation materials, efficient compressors and optimally aligned refrigeration components work together to ensure perfect cooling performance.

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Temperature display

Lid ice-cream freezers

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Please be aware that despite careful data management, discrepancies may occur between images and/or text on this website, and availability of appliances within the market. Liebherr may choose to make technical or optical changes to any of our appliances without prior notice, at any time. Any such changes may not be reflected on our website or printed materials in real time. The images and text included on this website are for demonstrative and informational purposes only, and do not form part of any contractual obligation. Always check with your Authorized Liebherr Dealer for the most current available appliances in your market. Thank you!