Freeze it to keep it

If you can source food locally – fresh from a farmer’s market or even straight from your own garden – then you'll be getting it at its best and, eaten immediately at its most nutrient-rich and healthy, you'll be able to enjoy the full freshness of its flavor. But, don’t underestimate the benefits of freezing food. Shock-freezing vegetables, and in particular fish or meat, preserves vitamins and nutrients. Or even for frozen fruit, Liebherr offers the best opportunity to store traditional or organic food at its best. And anyway you can serve fresh fruit as well as vegetables with meat from the freezer. If you pick a punnet of blueberries in summer, enjoy some fresh but also freeze some for your pancakes in winter. Liebherr has particularly useful solution for pre-freezing herbs and berries – the herb and berry draw. Frozen meals or leftovers are a helpful when time is short or when you don’t have the ingredients you need, so freeze don't waste your leftovers.

Tip: You should place frozen food e.g. on a plate in the fridge to defrost the evening before you want to use it.

Liebherr thinks of everything: convenience and safety for your food

Save energy by freezing food quickly and gently: The automatic SuperFrost function ensures both. If fish or meat needs to be quickly frozen, SuperFrost delivers maximum refrigeration performance, which is vital for vitamin-preserving freezing. After the SuperFrost function is completed, the appliance automatically switches back to its standard mode.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming nuisance of defrosting: with NoFrost technology there is no need to defrost ever again! Your food (e.g. leftovers from Thanksgiving) is frozen using chilled circulating air and any humidity is extracted and expelled. As a result, the freezer compartment remains free from ice and food does not frost over – and you have more time for the important things in life!

If frozen food items are slightly bulkier than usual, the freezer space can be adapted to accommodate them thanks to Liebherr's practical VarioSpace concept. Whether you need to make space for ice-cream cakes or succulent joints of meat, VarioSpace allows you to remove the drawers and intervening shelves to quickly create extra storage room. Convenience Liebherr style.

Where's the frozen pizza? Where did I put the frozen berries and vegetables? Now, there's no need to spend ages searching for things – you can quickly find what you are looking for thanks to Liebherr's transparent fronted, extra-deep, fully removable FrostSafe freezer drawers. They provide an optimal overview of the food and, being fully enclosed, the cold does not escape as quickly when the door is opened, enhancing the freezer’s energy efficiency.

Quickly made and well stocked: The IceMaker ensures that you always have a plentiful supply of the best quality ice cubes. Whether for thirst-quenching drinks or divine cocktails, you'll always have all the ice you need with the Liebherr IceMaker.

What is the ideal freezer temperature?

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