Features for optimal food storage

In addition to the current interest in healthy and nutritious diets, we also eat a greater variety of food these days. We eat raw food and cook Asian dishes yet we still love our American BBQ. Alongside traditional favorites, we nowadays have lots of exotic and sophisticated ingredients with delicate flavors to store and preserve. Liebherr is at the forefront in developing refrigeration and freezing technologies that preserve the freshness and taste of food. Our appliances also provide smart storage solutions, which help to store and organize everyday foods in specialized compartments, and that can be flexibly adapted according to personal requirements.

Convenient storage with Liebherr – refrigeration made easy

Liebherr's BioFresh technology is the answer if you want to keep food fresh and tasty for longer. BioFresh stores food at just above 32°F and under tailored humidity conditions so that fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products all retain their healthy vitamins, delicate flavors and appetizing appearance for much longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment. Liebherr BioFresh-Safes provide the perfect climate for long-lasting freshness.

Liebherr’s SuperCool function drops the refrigerator temperature down to 36°F, chilling your newly stored goods rapidly. SuperCool provides a uniform cooling temperature. It works like a dream when you get home with your fresh groceries. It allows you to fast-chill your drinks at short notice.

Stored in a space-saving, flexible and secure manner: bottles are perfectly catered for in a Liebherr refrigerator. The bottle shelf is a practical yet elegant solution for storing drinks and the door shelves feature adjustable bottle holders to ensure that bottles and drinks cartons of differing sizes are optimally secured.

Small tubes, jars and packets in the refrigerator sometimes cause quite a bit of clutter and prevent you from clearly seeing what’s where. To solve this problem, the VarioSafe brings useful order to the refrigerator. Whether it's mustard pots, jam jars or packets of candy – the VarioSafe is the ideal place to tidily store them.

Of course, you sometimes also need to fit larger containers into the refrigerator and thanks to the divisible glass shelf this is no problem at all! It offers flexibility for storing food in high-sided pans or other taller containers. All of the shelves are made from safety glass and can be positioned at different heights depending on requirements.

The Sabbath mode fulfils all religious requirements for the Sabbath and Jewish holidays. Several electronic functions such as LEDs, digits, icons and indicators are switched off when this mode is activated.

Always freshly stored with BioFresh

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