Easy-care with outstanding functional reliability and ease of use

What makes cleaning a refrigerator easier? How can food and drinks be stored compactly and still be clearly visible and accessible? When developing its refrigerators and freezers, Liebherr puts customer needs first and, as a result, always offers high-performance, efficient and easy-to-use appliances.

Morning, noon and night: Refrigerators and freezers operate twenty-four hours a day. They are frequently opened, filled and emptied, and have their settings adjusted. That is why, when developing Liebherr products, we always focus on maximum user-friendliness: with drawers on robust telescopic rails or roller tracks, and with premium-quality handles our appliances are always easy-to-use.

Convenience all round

Our professional anechoic chambers enable us to listen-in very closely on the appliance, to discover where potentially annoying noise sources might occur. Our engineers continuously improve acoustics to dampen noise emissions and to optimize the sound quality of moving components, such as doors and drawers.

Refrigerators and freezers operate 24/7, accounting for up to 15 percent of the electricity bill More and more consumers are taking note of the appliance's energy consumption. Our sophisticated features and technologies work together in order to reduce energy consumption, make everyday life easier, and provide optimum storage conditions for food.

The SoftSystem closing mechanism integrated into the door cushions door closure. Even when the door shelves are fully stocked, the door closes softly, silently and effortlessly.

The illuminated BioFresh safes with SoftTelescopic extend fully and benefit from both self-retracting and soft-closing mechanisms, offering optimum convenience.

Appliances with a SmartSteel front offer more than elegant design - this special finish significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints, and makes the front more scratch resistant and especially easy-to-clean.

To make our refrigerators and freezers easier to clean, all of our appliances come with easy-to-remove shelving and drawers.


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