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Liebherr introduces new combination options that elegantly integrate into any kitchen.

The new Monolith Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in 30” and 36” will be available fully integrated, with panel-ready and stainless-steel door options to customize to your liking.

Monolith Refrigeration

Available in sizes 24” 36”

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Monolith Freezing

Available in sizes 18” 36”

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Monolith Wine

Available in sizes 18” 24”

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Monolith Bottom Freezers

Single Door Available in 30" and 36" - French Door Available in 36"

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Liebherr innovation since 1954

Decades of fresh ideas, continuously enhancing food preservation, improving ease of use and saving even more energy: At Liebherr Appliances, an array of compelling, innovative ideas are being implemented into our product line.

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Side-by-Side Combinations

Monolith columns offer limitless combinations for your dream kitchen. These appliances can be installed as single columns, or in combinations of two and three appliances to maximize your storage options.

Examples of possible combinations:

Cut out width 42"

Cut out width 48"

Cut out width 72"

Cut out width 84"

Cut out width 54"

Cut out width 60"

Cut out width 96"

Cut out width 108"

Customize your kitchen with Monolith accessories

Monolith brushed aluminium square handle

Monolith Stainless Steel round handle

Monolith brushed aluminium soft-edge handle

Stainless Steel Door Panel 18"

Stainless Steel Door Panel 24"

Stainless Steel Door Panel 30"

Stainless Steel Door Panel 36"

Stainless steel doors + drawer set for MCB 3052

Stainless steel door + drawer set for MCB 3050 & MCB 3051

Stainless steel door + drawer set for MCB 3650 & MCB 3651

Reverse door kit

18" Stainless Steel Wine Panel

24" Stainless Steel Wine Panel

Side-by-Side Kit

18-72" Stainless Steel Toe kick