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Fully Integrated Pure Prime

Fully Integrated - New Pure & Prime Series

We haven't reinvented the refrigerator. But we almost did.

The highest quality is our standard.

Since 1954, we have been manufacturing fridges and freezers and selling these around the world. However, at heart we are still a family business with our roots firmly established in Germany. This is where we continue to develop and produce our new fully integrated appliances.

  • PowerCooling PowerCooling

    Want to make sure the cold is distributed as evenly as possible in your refrigerator? If so, the PowerCooling system is just what you need. The fan-as powerful as it is quiet-distributes cold air efficiently throughout the entire refrigeration compartment.

  • EasyFresh EasyFresh EasyFresh

    Our EasyFresh-Safe offers the guarentee of market freshness in your home. Whether it's unpackaged vegetables or fruit, It ensures everything is optimally stored. Thanks to the air-tight closure, the food causes the humidity in the safe to rise. This keeps the food fresh for a long time

  • DuoCooling DuoCooling

    DuoCooling uses two completely seperate refrigeration circuits to ensure no air is exchanged between the refrigerator and freezer compartments. The result: your food is neither dried out nor is odor transferred. This means less waste, shopping less often and saving and enjoying more.

Pure series models

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ICN 51030 Integrable fridge-freezer with EasyFresh and NoFrost

  • Product dimensions (H/W/D) 177 / 55.9 / 54.6 cm
  • Net capacity, total 253 l
  • IceMaker No

ICN-IM 51130 Integrable fridge-freezer with EasyFresh and NoFrost

  • Product dimensions (H/W/D) 177 / 55.9 / 54.6 cm
  • Net capacity, total 254 l
  • IceMaker Yes

Pure series model - Canada only

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ICNS 51030 Integrable fridge-freezer with EasyFresh and NoFrost

  • Product dimensions (H/W/D) 177 / 54.1 / 54.5 cm
  • Net capacity, total 253 l
  • IceMaker No
  • BioFreash Keyvisual BioFresh BioFresh

    BioFresh drawers provide a customizable interplay of temperature and humidity controls. The DrySafe drawer with low humidity is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products, while fruits and vegetables are best kept in the high humidity Hydrosafe drawer.

  • InfinitySpring InfinitySpring InfinitySpring

    A source of fresh, cool drinking water in your kitchen. InfinitySpring sounds like something from a fairytale. The water dispenser enables drip-free water dispensing and provides fresh, cold water. Simply press the panel with your glass and enjoy. This also means you get to save on purchasing water bottles and live more sustainably.

  • LightTower LightTower LightTower

    Enjoy an optimally illuminated interior: the LightTower shows off your food and is positioned so that your fully stocked refrigerator is illuminated at all times. The flush mounting of the LightTower in the side walls means there is also more space for your food.

Prime series models.

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ICBNhi-IM 51630 Combined refrigerator-freezer with BioFresh and NoFrost for integrated use

  • Product dimensions (H/W/D) 177 / 55.9 / 54.6 cm
  • Net capacity, total 246 l
  • 0° compartment BioFresh
  • IceMaker Yes
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