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The SmartDeviceBox is your ticket to the Smart Home with Liebherr. Simply connect your refrigerator or freezer to the internet and control your appliances from anywhere. Networked in just a few steps - that's how it works:
First download the SmartDevice app and then follow the installation instructions in the app.


Questions and answers about the SmartDeviceBox

Which functions are available with the SmartDeviceBox?

Currently the following functions are possible by using the SmartDeviceBox and SmartDevice app:

  • Registration of your Liebherr appliances via the SmartDevice app with your smartphone or tablet
  • Manage your appliance from anywhere, for example, check the status and change the temperature settings of your appliance
  • Switching functions such as SuperCool and SuperFrost on and off (depending on the functions of your appliance)
  • Notifications about relevant status and alarm messages directly to your smartphone, including reminder functions such as door alarm or BottleTimer (depending on the functions of your device)
  • Networking with other services from partners such as voice assistants or Smart Home platforms
What are the technical requirements?

The following prerequisites should be met so that you can take full advantage of the functions of the SmartDeviceBox:

  • A SmartDevice-capable appliance
  • An Android or iOS-enabled smartphone/tablet with internet access (mobile data access or WiFi).
  • Please note that depending on your internet provider additional costs may arise.

Further technical requirements for your home network and router are:

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n with 2.4GHz. However, if you are using a router with a clock rate of 5GHz (IEEE 802.11n/ac), please make sure that your router is set to “Mixed Operation”.
  • The WiFi network key can have a maximum of 64 characters.
  • IPv4
  • WPA2 Personal
  • The ports are not configurable, by default a connection to port 8883 of the server is established.
  • The connection via a guest access can lead to problems.
How do I reset the SmartDeviceBox?
  • For freestanding appliances with a display behind the door please open the “WiFi” menu first. Within the “WiFi” menu please select the following symbol and confirm with the “OK” button. You have now successfully reset the SmartDeviceBox.
  • For freestanding appliances with a display in the door please open the “SmartDevice” menu first. Within the “SmartDevice” menu, select the submenu “WiFi Reset”. Then confirm this procedure with “Reset”.
  • For built-in appliances, you will find the description of the symbols in the instruction manual. This is included with your appliance.
  • For Monolith, please select the “Setup” menu first and press the display to confirm. Within the “Setup” menu select the submenu “Connect MSDS”. Keep the display pressed until a message for resetting the SmartDeviceBox appears. Then press and hold the display again.
My settings on the router have changed (for example, changing the password). What should I do?
  • Perform the SmartDeviceBox reset procedure (see question: How do I reset the SmartDeviceBox?)
  • Add your appliance in the app again. Please note that the appliance settings are also reset.
  • Perform the installation process again as described in the app.
Can I integrate the SmartDeviceBox into my home network via the “WPS function”?

Unfortunately the WPS function is not available in all SmartDeviceBox versions. To check this, please proceed as follows:

  • First plug the SmartDeviceBox into your appliance and then perform the SmartDeviceBox reset procedure (see question: How do I reset the SmartDeviceBox?).
  • The SmartDeviceBox is now in WPS mode, if you have the appropriate version. Now press the WPS button on your router within three minutes.
    If the WPS button has not been pressed within three minutes, the SmartDeviceBox emits its access point (LHSDB_xxxxxxxxxx).
After plugging the SmartDeviceBox into my device, no WiFi/SmartDevice menu appears. What can I do?
  • Please switch off your appliance by pressing its on/off button. Then unplug your appliance from the wall. After 30 seconds please plug in your appliance and switch it on using the on/off button on the appliance.
  • The WiFi or SmartDevice menu should reappear after about three minutes. If it does not, please contact your customer service directly.
What do the SmartDevice symbols on the device display mean?

Click on the link below for more information and videos.

More information

How do I dispose of the SmartDeviceBox properly and professionally?

The SmartDeviceBox still contains valuable materials and must be collected separately from unsorted domestic waste. The disposal of a used SmartDeviceBox must be carried out professionally and properly in accordance with the locally applicable regulations and laws.

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