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Chest freezers

What is important to you when it comes to a chest freezer?

We know that you have high standards when it comes to your refrigerators and freezers. That’s where we come in. In addition to high performance, conserving resources is also essential. What if we tell you that we have exactly the right chest freezer for you, which is also surprisingly quiet? With tradition and the necessary know-how, we develop chest freezers that don’t eat up your time or money, while being as quiet and efficient as possible.

Our chest freezers rarely need defrosting.

We know that your busy and stressful everyday life often doesn’t give you time to be regularly defrosting your freezer. The StopFrost system largely spares you this time-consuming task. You want to see frozen food in your freezer compartment – and certainly not ice and frost. With our freezers, the only ice you’ll be enjoying is the ice in your drink.

The models

Our chest freezers are unmatched in terms of efficiency.

In order to develop efficient chest freezers, we need clever minds who will tackle this problem holistically. That’s why our engineers want to combine several ideas at once. Place your trust in our needs-based approach and store more food in our energy-efficient and quiet appliances.

The models

Our chest freezers offer an extra level of convenience.

Gentle closing to protect your food: SoftSystem. Our soft stop mechanism ensures that your freezers close quietly and gently. A thoughtful yet innovative design that protects you and the people around you from unnecessary noise exposure.

The models

Our entire range of chest freezers.

In order to be able to offer the right product to every customer, we have a wide range of products. So take a moment to find out which model best suits your needs and your home. Our handy filter function makes it easy to narrow down your search. At Liebherr, you will find chest freezers that are unmatched in terms of reliability.

The models

Our most popular chest freezers.

Let us introduce our top choice when it comes to chest freezers:

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CFd 2085 Plus Chest freezers

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 82.5 / 125.5 / 70.9 cm
  • Total volume 248 l
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 82.5 / 125.5 / 70.9 cm
  • Total volume 248 l
  • FrostProtect -15°C
  • SoftSystem – soft-closing mechanism

CFd 2505 Plus Chest freezers

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 82.5 / 167.5 / 70.9 cm
  • Total volume 359 l
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 82.5 / 167.5 / 70.9 cm
  • Total volume 359 l
  • FrostProtect -15°C
  • SoftSystem – soft-closing mechanism

Frequently asked questions about our chest freezers. We will answer your really important questions transparently and honestly.

What is FrostProtect?

FrostProtect lets you set your chest freezer up in any room, even if it’s unheated. Thanks to FrostProtect, frozen food can be safely stored at extreme ambient temperatures of up to -15 °C. Your frozen food remains well protected without your electricity costs increasing, as our freezers will continue to work efficiently.

What are the characteristics of SmartFrost refrigeration technology?

Thanks to our SmartFrost system, our refrigerators work particularly efficiently. Our SmartFrost refrigerators are well insulated, greatly reducing frost build-up in the interior. These devices need to be defrosted, at most, every few years. The smooth interior walls make cleaning much easier. Finally, the evaporator, which is embedded and wrapped in foam insulation, not only ensures uniform cooling, but is also known for its high energy efficiency.

What do the different warning signals mean?

All our chest freezers have an audible warning signal. This signal sounds when the freezer temperature is not cold enough or the door or lid has been open for too long. Possible causes for an increase in temperature could be the intake of warm ambient air, a prolonged power failure or a defective appliance. The audible signal can be switched off by tapping the display. However, warning signals differ in individual cases depending on the model – for example, the warning messages on some of our models may look different. Therefore, in case of doubt please consult the operating instructionsfor your particular model. You can easily view these online.

What is the optimum temperature for a chest freezer?

Your food will do especially well in chest freezers at a temperature of -18°C. In order to keep food cool for a long time and to ensure it tastes fresh when thawed, you should always check that the temperature is right. Temperatures below -18°C just consume unnecessary electricity and do not increase the shelf life of the food.

The answers to any other questions you may have about our products can be found in our FAQ.

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