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IRDe 5121

For a clear overview. Before you even open the fridge.

Which appliance is the right one for me? This is not always easy to answer. That’s why we have made it simpler for you to navigate through our product range, by dividing it into four easy-to-understand series. Making finding the right appliance child’s play.

For all essential needs.

Discover Pure.

Plus more convenience.

Discover Plus.

An unmistakable sign of high-quality design and materials.

Discover Prime.

For those who want to have it all.

Discover Peak.


Unpackaged fruit and vegetables feel right at home here. Stored at the same temperature as the fridge compartment and sealed airtight in the safe, lettuce, for example, is still crisp and fresh after 7 days.



Want to be prepared for the future of the Smart Home? Your Liebherr will be happy to help. All our new built-in models are either already networked at the plant or can be subsequently connected to a WiFi network using a SmartDevice box.


Touch display.

Fingertip control: the touch display enables easy and intuitive operation of your Liebherr. All functions are clearly arranged on the display. For instance, you can effortlessly select functions with a light tap of your finger.

Touch Display


Thanks to the proven BioFresh technology, food is stored at just above 0° C. With the perfect level of humidity, fruit and vegetables stay fresh even longer in the airtight Fruit & Vegetable safe. Meat, fish and dairy products enjoy ideal conditions in the Meat & Dairy safe.


SoftSystem soft stop mechanism.

With the SoftSystem, your fridge door closes softly and safely, and in a way which is pleasantly quiet and light. Bottles stored in the inside door remain securely in place – nothing rattles or wobbles.



Spontaneous party? Not a problem. The IceMaker produces up to 130 ice cubes a day, providing ample ice for enjoying chilled cocktails and soft drinks - the perfect complement to a successful garden party in summer.



Enjoy an optimally illuminated interior: the LightTower shows off the food in its best light and is positioned so that all of your filled fridge is illuminated at all times.


Touch & Swipe display.

Control of your Liebherr at your fingertips: thanks to the Touch & Swipe display, you can operate your refrigerator intuitively and with ease. Simply select functions such as SuperCool on the colour display by tapping and swiping.


SmartSteel rear wall.

The rear wall in elegant SmartSteel gives your Liebherr a stylish look and feel. Your food will also love SmartSteel: as stainless steel is food-safe and hygienic. What’s more, SmartSteel also reduces the visibility of fingerprints.


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FNd 4254 Prime NoFrost Freestanding freezer with NoFrost

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 125.5 / 59.7 / 67.5 cm
  • Total volume 160 l
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 125.5 / 59.7 / 67.5 cm
  • Total volume 160 l
  • Noise level 36 dB
  • IceMaker No
  • Connectivity solution retrofittable

BioFresh with HydroBreeze.

Do you want to cool fruit and vegetables like professionals? You’ll be inspired by HydroBreeze. The cold mist combined with a temperature in the safe of around 0 °C gives food that extra a boost for longer shelf life. And it creates a genuine visual wow effect.



A source of fresh, cool drinking water in your kitchen. InfinitySpring sounds like something from a fairy tale. The water dispenser enables drip-free water dispensing and provides fresh, cold water. This enables you to save on purchasing bottles of water and to live more sustainably.


OpenStage drawers.

Now there's a clear view of everything. The different heights of the drawers make it easy to store food of different sizes. And, thanks to the transparent GlassLine drawers, you have a clear view of everything from bottom to top.


*The above-mentioned standard features may vary depending on the model. Details can be found on the respective product detail page.

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