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Reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness: Liebherr freezers satisfy the very highest demands of commercial users, and offer optimum freezing performance for storing frozen foods. Easily accessible refrigeration components are integrated into the upper section of the appliances, which significantly increases the net capacity within the interior.

Freezers for hotel and catering

Cooling system, freezer compartment

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G 5216

Gross capacity, total 513 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 172.5 / 75.0 / 75.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 1.051 kWh / 24h

GGPv 6570 ProfiLine

Gross capacity, total 597 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 212.0 / 70.0 / 83.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 5.132 kWh / 24h
Insertion slot GN 2/1, 530x650mm (Lengthwise insertion slot)

GGv 5860

Gross capacity, total 556 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 206.4 / 74.7 / 79.1 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 3.701 kWh / 24h
Insertion slot 600x400mm (Crosswise insertion slot) / GN 1/1, 530x325mm (Crosswise insertion slot)
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