With over 60 years in the making, Liebherr brings you the new BluPerformance range

Outstanding quality. Classic design. State-of-the-art innovation. When it comes to refrigeration, Liebherr is synonymous with excellence. Headquartered in Germany since 1954, Liebherr Appliances distributes the widest range of European refrigeration and freezing solutions around the globe, producing more than 2.1 million fridge-freezers and wine cabinets for residential and commercial use every year. As leaders in our industry, it’s our responsibility to always spearhead and develop new ideas to extend food freshness, enhance usability, as well as improve energy efficiency. And that is why Liebherr is introducing to you the new generation of BluPerformance appliances – a whole new dimension in freshness.

Experience super freshness with BioFresh

Of course, it’s not just the aesthetics of your refrigerator that matters but also the performance. The quality and freshness of food is key to good health. When stored at the right temperature and humidity, foods retain their delicious freshness and flavour for much longer. We are dedicated to your well-being and that is why we have the Liebherr BioFresh! Through advanced German technology, the temperature in a BioFresh drawer is kept at just above freezing and each drawer can be adjusted individually to provide the ideal humidity for different types of food simply with a push of the drawer slider.

Browse our BluPerformance range

The BluPerformance range offers you a variety Freestanding options. Browse our BluPerformance range below!

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