High performance and energy-efficient units

Energy efficiency in appliances serves a higher, global purpose – and one that Liebherr is proud to be an innovative part of. Our fridges, freezers, and wine cooling units are designed and built to last, providing the best cooling storage solutions while considering household energy consumption. So you can rest easy knowing our units will operate at their optimum for you, without costing the world.

High performance and energy efficient

Realising that we all play a part in making wise environmental decisions, Liebherr begins the process of integrating energy efficiency with high performance in the earliest design phases. We then pull that innovation right through to completion. As leaders in our industry, it’s our responsibility to always spearhead and develop new ideas to extend food freshness, enhance usability, as well as improve energy efficiency.

One example of this is our specially-made ‘tropicalised’ units for warmer, humid climates. Our Liebherr fridges are able to maintain a set temperature, despite frequent opening, through our quick defrosting cycle. This means that no matter how vast the temperature is from the interior to the exterior, your food will be maintained at the ideal temperature for optimum storage.

What’s more, our signature “Vacuum Insulation Panels” (VIP) are applied to all compartment doors which not only decrease energy consumption, but boost its storage capacity. We’re truly proud to provide the world with elegantly designed, user-friendly fridges which not only guarantee freshness, but are gentle on the environment.

Long lasting, durable eco-friendly materials

Another vital part of our development and design is to ensure our Liebherr fridges are made with superior quality, ecologically friendly materials and components. Because our units can operate seamlessly in harsh climates, they will withstand the test of time. This means they’ll be around to serve you and your family throughout the years – which also means less waste.

We achieve this through a variety of ways. One of which is through applying an extra layer or transparent plastic to the doors’ interior, ensuring they’re resistant to repetitive use and easy to clean. Also, the magnetic core guarantees that the doors will close securely – and remain tightly shut – preventing temperature loss. This aids in the fridge’s efficiency which, in turn, bolsters its ability to last longer.

Furthermore, all the metal surfaces are finished with an environmentally-friendly powder coating that repels rusting – this is ideal for humid, tropical environments. And lastly, if the day ever comes to replace a component, each unit’s plastic parts are labelled for easy recycling.

In short, after Liebherr’s stringent final quality inspection is completed – and the fridge delivered to your home – you can be confident knowing it will outperform, out-store, and outlast any other conventional refrigerator on the market.

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