What is the difference between the freshness technologies?

When considering a Liebherr refrigerator you will hear the words “BioFresh” and “BioCool”. But what are they exactly? What is the difference between them? And what are the benefits for food preservation? Read on!

BioCool: More than just a crisper

The shelf-life of food is not only determined by its freshness, but also by the temperature and humidity of its storage space. The more water food contains, the more moisture it needs to retain its freshness. In a traditional vegetable tray, the temperature varies between 46 / 8 and 50°F / 10°C. The humidity is dependent on the temperature in the refrigerator.

In a BioCool drawer, the average temperature is 34°F / 3°C. At this temperature, the vitamins and the freshness of food are better preserved and the development of germs is slowed down. Thanks to BioCool you can keep your fruits and vegetables up to twice as long* as compared to a traditional crisper!

On your BioCool drawer icons of water droplets placed above a slider symbolise the humidity level in the drawer. Adjust it with the sliders so the level of moisture inside your BioCool drawer is appropriate for the products stored within.

BioFresh: Long-Term* Food Preservation

BioFresh drawers work on the same general principle as EasyFresh better food preservation by lowering temperature. The BioFresh Meat & Diary-Safe and BioFresh Fruit & Vegetable-Safe sliders allow you to regulate the humidity level between 65% and 95%. Use BioFresh Meat & Diary-Safe for meat, fish and dairy products, and BioFresh Fruit & Vegetable-Safe for most fruits and vegetables.

The BioFresh compartment is even more efficient than EasyFresh drawers. Completely independent from the refrigerator, it is composed of 2 to 3 drawers. Inside the BioFresh zone, the temperature varies between 33 / 0.7 and 34°F / 1°C. This not only preserves freshness and vitamins, but also flavours and texture of your food. The results are stunning: An independent study carried out in Europe found that you can keep certain foods up to 3 times longer in a BioFresh drawer than in a traditional crisper.*

BioFresh drawers are mounted on telescopic rails to facilitate their opening. Some models are equipped with our SoftTelescopic system, which allows an assisted closing of your drawers using auto-retraction and closure damping.

*Under ideal conditions. For fresh, unprocessed foods. Always inspect food before consumption. Adhere to Best By / Use By dates printed on packaging.