Invitingly presented products with Liebherr impulse sales chest freezers

With Liebherr impulse sales chest freezers, not only are your products arranged to great visual effect, they are also displayed clearly and invitingly beneath the sliding glass lids. This high quality presentation increases the chance of a quick purchase decision. Fitted with sturdy castors, these chest freezers can be quickly and easily moved around, as required.

Impulse sales chest freezers

Cooling system

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EFI 1453

Gross capacity, total 135 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 825 / 62.5 / 68.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 1.101 kWh / 24h

EFI 2853

Gross capacity, total 276 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 825 / 104.5 / 68.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 1.625 kWh / 24h

EFI 3553

Gross capacity, total 347 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 825 / 125.5 / 68.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 1.989 kWh / 24h

EFI 4453

Gross capacity, total 417 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 825 / 146.5 / 68.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 2.094 kWh / 24h
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