Energy label and product datasheet

In 2010, a new European regulation relating to the energy labelling of household refrigerators and freezers came into force. Since this date, the standardised EU energy label has provided consumers in all EU member states with information about refrigerators and freezers, e.g. their power consumption. The label has a language-neutral design, with pictograms that show customers various details, making it easy to compare different models and different manufacturers.

We are happy to provide our retailers with the energy label required by EU Regulation 1060/2010 (domestic appliances) and EU 1094/2015 (commercial cooling storage units) free of charge as a free download. All country-specific product datasheets can also be downloaded.

Choose the document as well as the desired country.

The data are transmitted in compressed format. You will need a program that supports the ZIP data format to extract the downloaded data.


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