Wine cellar storage conditions

Wine storage cabinets provide similar storage conditions to a wine cellar with a constant temperature and a humidity level of over 50 percent throughout the interior. This makes wine storage cabinets ideal for long-term storage and for maturing wine. Featuring flexible temperature setting between +5°C and +20°C, they can also be used to store a larger selection of wines at the perfect serving temperature.

Wine storage cabinets

GrandCru wine storage cabinets

GrandCru wine storage cabinets have particularly high quality features and, with a variety of models available, you will be sure to find one to meet your specific needs and to fit the amount of space you have available, e.g. the largest model, the WKt 5552, can store 253 Bordeaux bottles, whilst the WKes 653, which holds 12 Bordeaux bottles, fits easily into a small niche. GrandCru wine storage cabinet


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Wine expertise

Carefully cultivated, professionally aged and perfectly temperature-managed: only with precisely the right storage technology can wine be enjoyed to its utmost. Wine expertise