Wine. A Connoisseur's Culture

Whether it's a visit from your family, good friends, or just a quiet night in - there's always a perfect excuse to open a good bottle of wine! For a lovingly cultivated, perfectly aged wine to develop its taste in all its fullness, it must be treated with great care. Such fine wines need to be stored under the most favorable conditions, at just the right temperature. They will be a true joy to drink!


High-End Technology For Wine Aficionados

Liebherr wine cabinets feature one to three temperature zones, each of which can be independently set to between 41°F (5°C) and 68°F (20°C). This offers you optimum flexibility. One zone cabinets are perfect for storing wine bottles with similar requirements at the perfect serving temperature. Our multi-zone wine cabinets make it possible to simultaneously store red wine, white wine and champagne, all at their perfect serving temperatures. Alternatively, dedicate a zone to long-term storage. Our wine cabinets offer the ideal climate conditions. An active charcoal filter prevents outside odors from spoiling your collection. With varied sizes and precision adjustable temperature controls, Liebherr wine cabinets set the standard for housing any wine collection.

And thanks to the precise electronic control system, the temperature once set in the interior remains permanently constant - even if the ambient temperature fluctuates greatly.

Wine appliances

WS 17800

The WS 17800 satisfies your need for the smartest, most elegant way to store wine. With three temperature zones that can be set between 41°F to 68°F the WS 17800 creates the ideal conditions for wines to mature successfully – constant air quality, temperature, and humidity controls, alongside quiet, vibration-free storage.

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MW 2400

Also available in 18” and two temperature zones. The Monolith wine columns utilize two temperature sensors in each compartment to help maintain precise temperatures. With full LED side-wall, intuitive electronic touch-control panel, customizable labeling to identify and customize your wine collection, SuperQuiet operation, and FreshAir Activated Charcoal Filter to purify the air.

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WU 3400

The WUgb 3400 offers a number of innovative solutions for wine storage. The temperature in each of the two sophisticated temperature zones can be set between 41°F and 68°F, ensuring optimal storage conditions for reds, whites, and champagnes. The elegant black glass door, featuring TipOpen technology, offers seamless integration into handle-free kitchen cabinetry. Humidity ranges between 50 and 80 percent, permitting wine to breathe as it matures and to keep corks supple. Also available with one temperature zone: WU 4500.

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