Freezers for the frozen food and ice cream industry

Liebherr freezers offer low energy consumption and maximum efficiency – and they ensure that you optimally present your products. Furthermore, with highly effective insulation, powerful compressors and optimally aligned refrigeration components they guarantee perfect cooling performance.

Frozen food and ice-cream industries

Flat Glass Lids Chest Freezers

Liebherr Flat Glass Lids Chest Freezers are designed to provide maximum refrigeration performance and to ensure optimum product presentation. The large sliding glass lid opens and closes smoothly, while the delightfully effective lighting provides a first class view of the products to promote sales. Stable castors (depending on the model) allow the appliances to be moved around quickly and with minimal effort, making it simple to clean the floor. Flat Glass Lids Chest Freezers

Sliding Foam Lids & Storage Chest Freezers

Particularly in the professional sector, chest freezers have to be able to withstand a great deal of stress and meet the rigorous demands of intensive daily use. Because of this, Liebherr only ever uses premium-quality materials and high-performance refrigeration components and, thanks to our commitment to quality, all Liebherr Sliding Foam Lids & Storage Chest Freezers are both incredibly durable and entirely reliable. Sliding Foam Lids & Storage Chest Freezers

Curved Glass Lids Chest Freezers

Liebherr Curved Glass Lids Chest Freezers present your products attractively, clearly and invitingly. Whether in a supermarket, at a petrol station or in a corner shop, these freezers provide the perfect environment for exclusive product presentation, and they increase the likelihood that customers will make an impromptu purchase decision. Curved Glass Lids Chest Freezers

Upright & Countertop Freezers

Upright & Countertop Freezers

In addition to our chest freezers, we also offer a broad range of other freezers for everyday use. Ergonomically engineered, Liebherr Upright & Countertop Freezers allow products to be accessed with the utmost of ease. The products are stored in a clear and attractive manner and, with NoFrost technology, time-consuming defrosting is an activity that belongs to the past. Upright & Countertop Freezers