5.5 star energy rated refrigerator – Liebherr introduces Australia’s first!

Australia’s first 5.5 star energy rated refrigerator has arrived. And to say at Liebherr we are proud is an understatement! Thrilled, ecstatic and over the moon best describe the addition of Australia’s first 5.5 star energy rated refrigerator to the Liebherr range of bottom mounts.

The new bottom mount refrigerator CNef 4315 comes complete with traditional Liebherr features such as SuperCool, SuperFrost and a NoFrost freezer. Plus Liebherr’s CNef 4315 also offers other exciting features such as a Touch-Electronic LCD display, a BioCool-Box and DuoCooling.

With Touch-Electronic controls and LCD display the refrigerator is a breeze to operate. Also with Liebherr’s BioCool-Box with humidity control, the BioCool-Box is the ideal storage location for fruit and vegetables. Food stays fresh for longer than in conventional fruit and vegetable crispers.

Let’s not forget Liebherr’s DuoCooling (two independent cooling circuits). Because when it comes to refrigeration DuoCooling delivers clear benefits and results. Especially when compared to traditional cooling methods.

Benefits such as:

  • No food odour exchange between the fridge and freezer.
  • Minimises food drying out in the fridge.
  • Prevents the ‘freezing’ effect on fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Fridge or freezer can be turned on or off independently.

What does a 5.5 star energy rated refrigerator mean for you?

Energyrating.gov.au reports that a fridge is one of the highest energy users in the household. Which means when it comes to refrigeration, star rating is very important. The more stars the less energy the appliance will consume. Therefore a reduction in running costs. What’s the difference between a few stars? You will be amazed at the difference it can make to your electricity bills and environmental footprint over time.

In just a few simple steps on the Energy Rating Comparison tool you can compare star ratings. When comparing a 3 star refrigerator to a 5.5 star refrigerator it calculates a *saving of over $530 across 10 years (*savings are indicative only). This is when comparing similar fridge and freezer capacities to Liebherr’s new CNef 4315.

On average every extra star saves 23% on running costs according to Energyrating.gov.au. Imagine comparing it to a 1 or 2 star rated appliances. Or even that old fridge you inherited 20 years ago that has become the ‘garage’ fridge. The savings could be very significant!