Upright or lying down? Facts and myths about moving your fridge

Moving house can be a stressful time, we all have to do it at some stage and some more often than others. Whether it’s a short trip up the road, down the street or half way across the country, the million-dollar question is what’s the best way to safely transport your refrigerator? This article visits the facts and myths about moving your fridge. Upright or Lying down.

Some insist, when moving your refrigerator to lay the refrigerator down while others swear you should only ever transport upright. If this dilemma wasn’t confusing enough, there is also what to do once you move the refrigerator to its new home: don’t you have to leave the appliance standing for a few hours before switching it back on?

Most importantly from a technical perspective, Liebherr refrigerators and freezers should always be transported in an upright position. The reason for this is the compressor bracket is designed to absorb the vibrations from the compressor while the refrigerator is on and in an upright position. Therefore, if the appliance is transported horizontally, vibrations which occur during transportation place lateral strain on the bracket, potentially causing damage to the refrigerator.

So what do you do once you have moved your refrigerator to its new home, do you switch the refrigerator (or freezer) back on as soon as you arrive? Once again, a variety of conflicting views can be found online. In the case of Liebherr appliances, the answer is short and sweet: Yes, you’ll be happy to hear you can switch your appliance straight back on after transportation!

Here’s a few insider tips on successfully moving your Liebherr refrigerator

If you’re moving from one floor to another, it’s simple, there’s not too much involved besides unplugging the appliance, convincing a couple of mates to help you out, then all that’s left is to plug it back in and switch it back on.

Transporting appliances over a greater distance need a little more TLC, these tips will ensure your refrigerator sees another day:

  • It’s best to empty out the content of the refrigerator. We know this makes sense however, if you are guilty of not doing this, you know what happens next.
  • Unplug the appliance and defrost the freezer compartments.
  • Carefully clean the appliance with a pH-neutral cleaner such as water with a dash of washing detergent. Warning: we strongly advise you not to clean your appliance using vinegar, as often recommended online, as the acids it contains can damage the inner container’s plastic.
  • Remove glass shelves and ensure they are carefully packaged for transportation.
  • Ideally, wrap the appliance in blankets or sheeting to prevent scratches.
  • Secure the appliance with straps to prevent it tipping over.
  • Tape the appliance doors to prevent from opening during transportation.
  • If possible, protect the appliance from any strong vibrations.
  • At your destination, use a spirit level to optimally reposition the appliance.

Follow the above recommendations, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a cool drink whilst admiring your new surroundings.