Built-in appliances

Built-in refrigerators

With a broad range of BioFresh appliances in the top energy efficiency classes, Liebherr offers the very best utility and energy savings possible. Refrigerators for integrated use

Built-in fridge-freezers

Innovative technologies and practical features that allow you to store fresh food perfectly, and according to your specific needs. Fridge-freezers for integrated use

Built-in freezers

Liebherr's built-in freezers deliver perfect cooling performance with a very high degree of energy efficiency. They can be easily integrated into any kitchen. Freezers for integrated use

Built-in Side-by-Side appliances

Liebherr food storage centre appliances are optionally equipped with BioFresh, NoFrost and IceMaker technology; they also offer a generous amount of space for storing fresh and frozen food. Side-by-Side appliances for integrated use

Built-in wine cabinets

Optimum temperatures, perfect integration: Liebherr built-in wine cabinets combine ideal storage conditions with exclusive presentation. Wine cabinets for integrated use


Ergonomic and practical: with many sophisticated features and specialised accessories, Liebherr built-in appliances can be optimally tailored to meet your needs. Special features


In developing its refrigerators and freezers, Liebherr pays a lot of attention to customer needs so that appliances are convenient to use and make everyday life easier. Convenient functions

Food storage

BioFresh technology achieves the optimal interplay of temperature and humidity, which allows even sensitive foods to retain their flavour and vitamins for longer. Food storage with BioFresh


Award-winning design: the finishes and contours of Liebherr appliances offer timeless elegance and reflect the latest trends in interior design. Design editions

Wine expertise

Carefully cultivated, professionally aged and perfectly temperature-managed: only with precisely the right storage technology can wine be enjoyed to its utmost. Wine expertise