Store your food under best conditions

Liebherr understands that life is busy; that families are demanding; and that work can be tiring. You don’t have time to keep heading to the markets to get that one ingredient you’re missing from the fridge. So, having instant access to all the fresh, high quality food you need when preparing meals is a real relief.

As such, Liebherr fridges have been built with intelligent storage solutions which will hold – and perfectly store – larger quantities of food than a conventional refrigerator. This not only allows you the ability to make healthy dishes with what you have ‘on hand’, but saves you from the hassle of going back to the grocery store or market while cooking.

What’s more, since Liebherr fridges are revered around the world, we’ve specially engineered the Asia Pacific units to operate perfectly in hot and humid conditions. This means when you combine the smart technology, superior craftsmanship, and location-specific features of our fridges, you’ll be able to confidently stock them full – knowing each item will be perfectly stored to maintain its freshness and flavour to the maximum.