Bringing together sophistication, convenience and the latest refrigeration technology, Liebherr appliances always deliver professional quality performance. Liebherr’s NoFrost freezers feature the very latest electronic control systems and optimally designed refrigeration components, so that not only are they exceptionally energy efficient, they also never need defrosting.


The NoFrost appliances provide professional-quality refrigeration and reliable long-term freshness. Chilled, circulating air freezes the food and any moisture is expelled. As a result, the freezer compartment is always free of ice and the food never frosts over. NoFrost convenience means never having to defrost your freezer.


All freezer drawers and intervening safety glass shelves can be easily removed to create VarioSpace – a practical system that allows you to quickly free-up extra storage space to accommodate larger-sized frozen goods.


Maintenance free, space saving and energy efficient: long-life LEDs provide optimum illumination for the interior and, since they emit very little heat, fresh food is always perfectly stored.

Status indicator

On BluPerformance models, the status indicator is discreetly integrated in the appliance door and is quickly and easily visible, even when the door is closed. A blue light indicates that the appliance is working properly. In the case of any other status, a pulsing red light is displayed and an audible tone is emitted.


FrostSafe drawers are generously deep, completely removable, and fully enclosed to reduce the amount of chilled air that escapes when the freezer door is opened. The drawers are transparent-fronted to provide an optimum view of the foods stored within.

SuperFrost function

SuperFrost quickly lowers the temperature to the coldest setting thereby preserving the food’s vitamins. As soon as the food is completely frozen, or after a maximum of 65 hours, the SuperFrost function switches off and the freezer returns to its normal mode, helping to save electricity.