Freestanding appliances

Single door

Liebherr Single Door refrigerators have elegant design, outstanding quality, best-in-class features and improved freshness, gives you an edge over other refrigerators. Single Door Direct Cool-Refrigerator

Double door

Liebherr Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator is the ideal solution for today’s modern lifestyle by providing more flexibility for all your evolved storage needs. Double Door Frost Free - Refrigerator

Bottom mount

Liebherr Bottom mount refrigerators gives you the flexibility for tailored storage with Duo-Cooling & Bio-Fresh Plus technologies. Bottom Mount-Refrigerator

French door

Innovative food storage center is a focal point for every kitchen. With duo cooling separate adjustable cooling circuits gives accurate and independent temperature control. French door – Refrigerator


Healthy is the trend today and healthy food is the way to go. Side-By-Side refrigerators are the ideal solution for large capacity storage. Explore our range of Side-By-Side. Side-By-Side Appliances