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Effective product presentation is the best way to boost purchases at point of sale; Liebherr drinks refrigerators therefore have large glass doors, optimum lighting, and height-adjustable shelves. Manufactured with the highest-quality materials and with meticulous workmanship, even in the finest of details, these appliances are specially designed for intensive use.

Refrigerators for the beverage industry

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FKUv 1660 Premium

Gross capacity, total 141 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 83 / 60.0 / 61.5 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 0.698 kWh / 24h

FKvsl 2610 Premium

Gross capacity, total 240 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 125 / 60.0 / 61.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 0.786 kWh / 24h

FKvsl 3610 Premium

Gross capacity, total 333 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 164 / 60.0 / 61.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 0.947 kWh / 24h

FKvsl 5410 Premium

Gross capacity, total 554 l
Product dimensions (H/W/D) 164 / 75.0 / 73.0 cm
Energy consumption in 24h 0.983 kWh / 24h
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