News | 08/28/2023 Employee appreciation and success for Liebherr-Miami

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Liebherr’s Miami branch, an employee appreciation event was held at the facility to mark this important milestone.

Liebherr employee appreciation event

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Liebherr Miami group photo

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Liebherr has been serving the Miami region since the early 2000s. In 2013, the company made a multi-million-dollar investment building the Liebherr-Miami facility based in Hialeah Gardens to serve as one of Liebherr’s multiple sales and service hubs across the country. Since its founding, the Liebherr operations in Miami have grown significantly to serve the region’s evolving market needs, expanding its capabilities and introducing new product segments. The product segments housed at the location include Maritime Cranes, Tower Cranes, and Refrigeration and Freezing.

This facility is now home to over 40 employees working for three of the ten product segments under Liebherr USA, Co. Maritime Cranes were first introduced upon the facility’s opening, operating as a worldwide training hub with on-site simulators and classrooms. In 2016, the Refrigeration and Freezing product segment joined the operations bringing luxury cooling appliances to the region and building a state-of-the-art on-site showroom to display Liebherr’s latest refrigeration and freezing solutions. The newest product segment to join the Miami facility is Tower Cranes, offering the latest self-erecting, top-slewing, and luffing jib cranes to the United States market.

“It is through the dedication of all the employees at this facility that our Miami branch has continued to grow and achieve success,” says Tim Gerhardt, Managing Director of Liebherr USA, Co. As a way of thanking everyone that contributed to the achievements of the Miami location, Liebherr hosted an appreciation event at the facility for all employees to attend.

Achievement and Appreciation

This event included several activities including speeches from Torsten Paas, Divisional Director of Maritime Cranes, Stefan Brandt, Divisional Director of Tower Cranes, and Alex Squarize Divisional Director of Refrigeration and Freezing on the state of Liebherr’s local product segments including upcoming product launches and record sales. The event also featured a speech from Managing Director, Tim Gerhardt, on the status of all product segments under the umbrella company, Liebherr USA, Co.

During the event attendees also had the pleasure of hearing a performance from their very own Liebherr band, the 944’s. This band is made up of employees in the Miami branch that practice together in their free time. They performed their original song “944 in the 305,” paying homage to Liebherr’s products, company culture, and employees. As a tribute to the Cuban culture found everywhere in Miami, they also performed the traditional Cuban song “Guantanamera.”

To close the evening all employees were invited to celebrate at Top Golf where attendees came together to share a meal and participate in friendly competition.

“We enjoy holding events like these because it gives us a chance to connect and build important internal relationships which contributes to the overall success of our team,” notes Vicki Wishon, Director of Human Capital at Liebherr USA, Co. “Our local events help us to feel like we are part of a larger Liebherr team across the country.”