Chill your beverages with a Liebherr plumbed IceMaker

Whether it’s chilling your beverages, filling an ice bucket or to soothe a bump on your little one’s head, you will never be short of ice again, thanks to the Liebherr IceMaker in your new refrigerator. Generating up to a maximum of 1.3 kg in a 24-hour period and storing up to 2.7 kg (depending on the model) Liebherr’s automatic IceMaker produces quaint crescent-shaped ice cubes. The TwistTray system mechanically dispenses the ice cubes, so the cubes no longer stick together in the collection tray.

Important factors to consider when installing a Liebherr with plumbed IceMaker

Unless you have purchased the Liebherr SICN 3366 fully integrated fridge-freezer with an internal fridge water tank for the IceMaker (requiring manual water fill), your new Liebherr appliance will require plumbing for the IceMaker to function. When it comes to connecting the water, there are a number of steps that should be taken to ensure your Liebherr IceMaker will operate efficiently.

1. The appliance must only be connected to mains supplying cold drinking water. Plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed plumber.

2. A ¾ inch / 20 mm male connection is required.

3. Water pressure must be between 150 kPa and 600 kPa. We recommend the fitting of a 350 kPa or 500 kPa pressure limiting valve to protect your investment.

4. A shut off valve must be installed in an accessible location (ie in an adjacent cupboard which is easily accessible). The shut off valve should never be installed behind the appliance.

5. Depending on the model the appliance is supplied with a stainless steel hose either 1.5 m or 3 m in length. With a hose length of 1.5 m the recommended shut off valve location can be seen in the below diagram (immediately adjacent to the freezer within the shaded area).

6. Ensure the tap system is pre-flushed prior to installing the water connection.

7. Plumbing should be installed adjacent to the side of the appliance which contains the IceMaker (where possible).

8. This information should be used as a guide in conjunction with the installation instructions supplied with the appliance.

Using the IceMaker in your Liebherr refrigerator

Once your fridge is connected to both an electricity and plumbing supply, your IceMaker is ready to go. To switch the IceMaker on, open the IceMaker storage drawer (located in the freezer) and press the ON/OFF button until the control lamp comes on – this light indicates that the feature is operational and will start producing your first batch of ice. It’s important to remember to dispose of the first three batches of ice your refrigerator produces, these should not be consumed. This allows the new system to be flushed appropriately.

Once the ice cubes reach a certain level in the drawer, the IceMaker will automatically stop producing ice. But what about if you need more ice than the drawer allows? Simply swap the IceMaker drawer with the drawer to the right (make sure its empty), close the drawer and it will immediately start production.

At the other end of the scale there may be occasions where you want your IceMaker to no longer produce ice such as going on holidays or you simply have enough. In these instances, you can easily switch your IceMaker off using the ON/OFF switch located on the IceMaker the control lamp will turn off.