Refrigerators and freezers for the retail sector

Retailers who present their products in an eye-catching way boost impulse buys and thereby increase their chances of commercial success – this applies right across the spectrum from kiosks, to shops and to supermarkets. Liebherr's specially developed retail sector appliances have many useful features that allow food to be always stored in a readily visible and well organised manner.

Food retail

Application area: supermarkets

Liebherr supermarket chest freezers feature a host of convincing innovations for potent product presentation: energy-saving LEDs, practical suspension baskets, and large, easy-to-open sliding lids. Application area: Supermarkets

Chest freezers

Liebherr supermarket chest freezers meet the professional demands of the retail food sector with their innovative technology, ease-of-use, and modern design, and by presenting products in a way that promotes sales. They are energy efficient and can be remote monitored via an interface to enable a quick response in the event of failure. Supermarket chest freezers

Chest refrigerators and freezers

Liebherr chest refrigerators and freezers offer optimum flexibility. In freezer mode, they can store products at temperatures of between -19°C and -21°C; whereas in refrigerator mode, items can be chilled at between +2°C and +4°C. The sliding glass lids make the chests easy-to-open and ensure high energy efficiency. Chest refrigerators and freezers