Liebherr Wine Cellars, 15 Key Features and why you should choose a Liebherr

A Liebherr wine cellar is not a fridge. It’s a wine cellar. Purpose built to mimic a traditional wine cellar dug into the depths of the earth. With the right humidity, perfect air quality and optimum temperature – whether for storage or serving, Liebherr wine cellars are the only solution you should consider when it comes to maturing wine correctly.

Here are 15 key features you need to know about Liebherr wine cellars

1. Activated Charcoal Filter
Perfect air quality assists in the maturation of the wine. All Liebherr wine cellars are fitted with an activated charcoal filter which also reduces the instance of mould growth on corks and labels, as ambient conditions are achieved.

2. Beechwood Handcrafted Shelves
Liebherr wine cellar shelves are natural, untreated, handcrafted beechwood shelves. This ensures no unwanted odours are introduced into the cellar and reduces vibration during the maturing process.

3. Child Proof Lock
When switched on via the electronic control panel, the child proof lock will protect the appliances from accidental temperature changes or being switched off inadvertently.

4. Door & Temperature Alarm
To safe guard wines, should the door be left ajar or internal temperature varies, a warning alarm will sound.

5. Double Glazed Tinted Glass
Harmful UV rays are filtered via the double glazed tinted glass doors, not only protecting the wine, but also the bottle’s labels from fading.

6. Electronic Control Panel
The preferred temperature, which is visible on an LED display, can be easily selected via the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons located on the electronic control panel.

7. Heater
In colder climates to help maintain optimum temperature, a heater switches on.

8. Key Lock
A key lock is fitted on selected wine cellars which can only be opened with a Liebherr key.

9. Labels
Label holders and card labels are supplied with Liebherr wine cellars, you can label the type of wine stored on each shelf, making it easy to locate prior to opening the door.

10. Lighting
All Liebherr wine cellars feature lighting which switches on when the door is opened, allowing you to easily view the wines. Selected models feature dimmable LED lighting.

11. MagicEye Controls
Temperature and other functions such as the ventilation switch are maintained via the MagicEye control located internally or externally depending on the model selected.

12. Telescopic Rails
Wines are easily accessible for viewing and selection via the handcrafted beechwood shelves which are mounted on telescopic rails

13. Temperature Zones
Single, Dual, Triple and Multi Zone wine cellars are available in the Liebherr range. Temperature range is 5°C to 20°C, excluding the WTb 4212 multi zone which is 5°C to 18°C.

14. Ventilation Switch
Relative air humidity can be increased by switching on the ventilator.

15. A Variety of Styles
Liebherr wine cellars are available in freestanding, built-in and underbench styles and range from 18 to 312 bottles capacities (based on 750ml Bordeaux bottles).

Please note: Not all features may be available in all Liebherr wine cellars. Refer to the product page and table specifications for each individual model on the website.