The benefits of Liebherr refrigeration and freezing

Anyone committed to the highest quality should accept no compromises. At Liebherr, we use our experience and expertise to offer high-quality premium products, and have done so for more than 60 years. Our highly comprehensive range of refrigeration and freezing appliances stands out in offering intuitive operation, energy efficiency and classic design, as well as many practical functions designed to help food retain its freshness and quality, thereby contributing to a healthy, modern lifestyle.

Environmental sustainability and responsibility are also of prime importance to us when we develop our new refrigerators and freezers, and the numerous major awards and certificates we have received confirm this. There are many great reasons to choose Liebherr as your partner for all your refrigeration and freezing needs today!

As a refrigerator and freezer specialist, we have been consistently developing and producing innovative and leading product solutions for over 60 years. The trust that our customers place in us continually motivates us to keep on providing high quality products. No other manufacturer in the large electrical appliances field has as many loyal repeat customers as Liebherr.

To ensure the reliability of all our products, we only use the highest quality materials and components to manufacture our appliances. During the production processes, every appliance undergoes intensive testing to ensure perfect quality and flawless functionality. Liebherr's renowned quality is consistently guaranteed thanks to the on-going development of our appliances, the optimization of all components, and perfect workmanship relentlessly applied down to the finest of details.

By combining premium materials and classic forms, our refrigerators and freezers meet the highest design aesthetics. With both our Comfort and Premium appliances, the fusion of premium quality stainless steel with precise electronic control systems and sophisticated features guarantees a timeless elegance that never fails to please.

Installing our appliances is simple: we guarantee that all appliances can be integrated into kitchen units in a secure and stable manner. This seamless integration enables them to function flawlessly, their doors to close perfectly, and their optimum refrigeration performance to be achieved.

From the very first stages of refrigerator and freezer design, Liebherr focuses on environmental responsibility. We use high quality components to ensure that appliances function reliably and offer optimum energy efficiency; all plastics are labeled for optimum recycling; all manufacturing processes are geared to the efficient use of resources; and all European manufacturing sites are certified to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

By combining state-of-the-art precision electronics and highly efficient refrigeration systems, Liebherr offers a highly attractive and ultra-economical range of appliances in the best energy efficiency classes across all product groups. This is kind to both the environment and your wallet.

Liebherr BioFresh technology guarantees the perfect environment for delivering long-lasting freshness. When stored at just above freezing and at a tailored humidity level, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products all retain their nutritional content, delicate flavor and appetizing appearance for considerably longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment.

No more defrosting: our NoFrost appliances provide professional quality freezing that ensures reliable long-term freshness. Chilled circulating air freezes the food and any humidity is extracted and expelled, keeping the freezer free from ice at all times and preventing food from frosting over.

Independent institutions regularly confirm our appliances' outstanding product and design quality. For example, Liebherr was voted Specialist Trade Brand of the Year 2012 by the Plus X Awards, and German consumer association Stiftung Warentest regularly awards extremely high marks to our appliances.