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It is important that your refrigerator or wine cabinet is fully tropicalised to endure high humidity and ambient heat. In a tropical climate, temperature difference between your appliance interior and the surrounding environment can give rise to condensation on the external walls of the unit. This can pose dangers of slipping when water drips onto your floor or damage your cabinetry in built-in models. As per testing standard requirements in Hong Kong, our authorised dealers ensure that your Liebherr product is fully tropicalised and complies with government regulations. Therefore, always shop directly with Liebherr Authorised Dealers for quality assurance and full warranty coverage on your purchase.

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Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are not only just what you need in terms of refrigeration and freezing, they are also stunning design pieces in their own right.

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FreshMagazine: Your Freshness and Lifestyle Magazine

Our online FreshMAGAZINE has been optimised for all end-user devices, such as desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. It offers recipes, storage tips for food, and advice covering a range of service topics relating to refrigerators and freezers. Readers can look forward to two new articles each week. The magazine evolved from the former Liebherr blog, which posted regular reports from the Liebherr ‘World of Freshness’.

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BioFresh: Far longer-lasting food freshness

When stored precisely at just above 0°C and at the appropriate humidity level, food remains fresh for up to three times longer than it would in a normal refrigerator compartment.

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Liebherr brings you intelligent refrigeration and freezing functions that make everyday life a little bit easier

Gentle freezing, rapid drinks chilling, and food stored under optimised climatic conditions – all functions that make everyday life a little bit easier.

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