Wine storage cabinets

Properly stored, wine continues to develop its natural flavour in the bottle and, on reaching peak maturity, the wine will be deeper and more complex. For a good character wine, consistent storage conditions are prerequisite for long-term storage. Liebherr's wine storage cabinets create ideal conditions for in-bottle ageing, providing a climate similar to a wine cellar. A constant temperature is maintained throughout the cabinet interior, making them ideal for long-term storage and for the ageing of fine wines.

GrandCru wine storage cabinets

GrandCru wine storage cabinets have impressively high-quality features and are optimally tailored to your individual needs as well as the amount of space you have. Wine storage cabinets in the GrandCru range

Barrique wine storage cabinets

Barrique wine storage cabinets are available with a variety of useful features and in several different sizes. Find out more about the sizes and features available. Wine storage cabinets in the Barrique range