Press releases | 09/26/2023 Harvest time: thanks to BioFresh from Liebherr, food stays fresh for longer

With BioFresh, Liebherr, the specialists in refrigeration and freezing, offers sophisticated technology that keeps food in the fridge fresh for even longer – giving you more time to enjoy it and reducing food waste. In the different drawers, all groceries get the exact individual climatic conditions they need. BioFresh also ensures that vitamins and other ingredients are preserved in the best possible way and that everything comes out of the fridge just as fresh and appetising as when it was put in, even after being in there for a while. No matter whether it’s fruit and vegetables, meat or fish.

Fresh for longer = less gets thrown away

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a recipe for enjoyment, especially now that the autumn harvest season is upon us. From crisp apples to pears, beetroot, carrots, grapes and much more, the season brings a whole spectrum of treasures. This makes it particularly important to store the healthy and nutritious food in a way that keeps it as fresh as possible to preserve the goodness without compromise.

The longer shelf life and freshness of the food increases enjoyment – but it does even more than that: Much less or – even better – nothing has to be thrown away unnecessarily. Food that has to be thrown away is always a nuisance – for your wallet as well as for a world where unfortunately not everyone has enough to eat. Liebherr’s solutions can be used to counteract this.

Separate compartments for a long shelf life without compromise

The developers of BioFresh technology are experts – in more ways than one. They have recognised that different foods need to be cooled differently to stay exactly as they should be for a long time. That’s why BioFresh uses separate compartments (“safes”) in which the temperature and humidity are perfectly adapted to the different contents.

Take fruit and vegetables: In the special Fruit & Vegetable safe, there is high humidity combined with a temperature of just above 0 °C. This ensures 100 percent freshness with 0 percent risk of ice damage. This means that unpackaged lettuce keeps fresh for up to 13 days, and apples or kiwis for as long as 80 days.

Optimal conditions for sensitive products

The Meat & Dairy safe for meat and dairy products has a drier environment with low temperatures. This means that the contents remain as fresh as on the first day for several weeks to several months. Here, too, the temperatures are around 0 °C so that meat and dairy products, packaged or unpackaged, remain in top form for a particularly long time.

Fish is a topic all on its own: Food that comes from the water, including seafood and the like, needs particularly low temperatures and the lowest possible humidity. BioFresh Professional technology is used for these extremely sensitive delights. In the Fish & Seafood safe there is a temperature from -2 °C with low humidity. This is the surface temperature of ice, on which, for example, fresh fish is also stored at the market – which means that fish fillets, squid and other specialities taste as fresh as if they had just been caught.

From fog to double cooling circuit: more solutions from Liebherr

In addition to this BioFresh technology, Liebherr has other technically sophisticated solutions available – such as BioFresh Professional with HydroBreeze, for that extra kick of freshness. HydroBreeze ensures that a gentle mist helps to create professional storage conditions whenever the door is opened or closed, at temperatures and humidity levels such as those in the Fruit & Vegetable safe.


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