Press releases | 09/08/2023 Liebherr at the Küchenmeile kitchen trade fair: increased sustainability in a stylish kitchen environment

Liebherr will once again have a presence in the Architekturwerkstatt exhibition space during this year’s Küchenmeile kitchen trade fair in Löhne. The specialist in refrigeration and freezing in the premium segment will be presenting numerous new products for customers who value both elegant design and sustainable freshness solutions. In addition to circularity, which is a key part of the pioneering BluRoX technology concept, long-term energy efficiency plays an important role. In addition, the specialist in refrigeration and freezing will be demonstrating that the wide range of products leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design – for a stylish kitchen environment that makes life that little bit simpler.

At the kitchen trade show, Liebherr will be showcasing its product innovation in terms of energy efficiency and noise levels, freshness technologies, as well as smart comfort and design. The innovations presented for the first time this autumn in Löhne include models that consume even less electricity than the level required by energy efficiency class A, as well as appliances that produce record-low levels of noise plus dark appliances with a BlackSteel interior. In addition, those who visit Liebherr at the Architekturwerkstatt can discover the impressive Monolith series for the first time following its redesign, as well as the newly launched Vinidor wine tempering fridges.

High levels of energy efficiency for the long term: fridge-freezers that are 10 percent more efficient than class A

For many customers, having the best possible energy efficiency rating is an important criterion when making a purchase decision, especially for large electrical appliances. Liebherr-Hausgeräte aims to meet these requirements by using different technologies that share one common goal: to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible. In addition to BluRoX technology, this is achieved through conventional insulation featuring durable vacuum insulation panels with silica that are integrated into the foam insulation.

One product truly showcases the many efficiency improvements that Liebherr is continuously implementing into its broad portfolio of freestanding and fully integrated appliances: the CBNbsa10 575i fridge-freezer with a height of 201 cm is ten percent more efficient than A-rated appliances, the highest energy efficiency class. Thanks to the long-lasting, stable insulation behaviour of the vacuum panels with silica that are integrated into the appliance, Liebherr is setting new standards in the field. For customers, this means that energy consumption remains permanently low over many years.

Design: stylish aesthetic meets convenient smart technologies

For Liebherr, elegant design goes beyond visuals – it’s also about technology. The appliances on display at the Küchenmeile trade fair offer something new for the eyes and something record-breaking for the ears.

New variants of Liebherr’s freestanding and fully integrated appliances feature a high-quality BlackSteel interior to perfectly complement the modern, dark kitchen aesthetic and offer an exciting accent. The internal rear wall of the appliance and the inner door feature impressive black stainless steel surfaces with a unique brushed texture. The trim also comes in BlackSteel to complete the overall dark look.

The boundaries between the kitchen and living areas are becoming more blurred in modern households, which underscores how important it is for appliances to not be noisy. That is why the Liebherr product portfolio offers a wide range of extremely quiet appliances, those that are listed as “UltraSilent”. Five of our fully integrated appliances have taken the title of the quietest Liebherr appliances of all time at just 27 dB. This autumn, customers will be able to see for the first time how they can enjoy the sound of silence from next year.

AutoDoor is a digital solution that combines design and convenience: fully integrated appliances with this function are able to fully open and close using a voice assistant, such as Alexa. This is not only helpful if you have your hands full in the kitchen, it also facilitates the perfection of a fully touch-free kitchen. The SmartDevice app allows settings such as the opening angle and how long the door stays open for before it automatically closes to be customised. When needed, the door can also be opened and closed via the app, by using a knocking signal, or manually as before.

The Monolith facelift in terms of design, comfort and freshness will be unveiled in Löhne

Monolith impresses customers worldwide with its range of exclusive features. The range has now been redesigned with further benefits added. In order to underline the high-quality appearance, in future all door racks will feature a linear and easy-to-clean design with discreet corner connections. In addition, more space has been created for food on each shelf, meaning that groceries can now be stored over the entire width of the door for the first time. Liebherr’s unique flapless sealing system ensures that each door always remains completely closed and can be opened independently.

Brand new product range: wine tempering fridges

Furthermore, a sneak peek of the newly launched portfolio of Vinidor wine tempering fridges will be given to retailers at the Architekturwerkstatt. Like the new wine storage fridges that have already been presented, these new appliances also meet the five conditions for perfect wine storage: temperature, humidity, protection against UV rays, protection against foreign odours and vibration-free storage. In addition, Vinidor wine tempering fridges have up to three individually adjustable temperature zones. The wooden shelves, which adapt to the sizes of the bottles, are also flexible. Thanks to this feature, which is known as FlexFit, even a magnum can be stored easily and securely. Another of the numerous highlights of the new Vinidor series is the SommelierBoard. This is an elegant area with glass holders, decanting zone and utensil tray, designed specifically for presenting and handling wine.

SmartDevice: convenient cooling

SmartDevice is the connectivity solution for Liebherr fridge and freezers. All Liebherr fridges and freezers will either feature network connectivity ex works or it will be possible to add this functionality by retrofitting the SmartDeviceBox. Consumers benefit from all of the features available in the SmartDevice app, as well as the integration of any Liebherr appliances into an existing smart home. Important status and alarm notifications are sent directly to a smartphone, for example notification of an open fridge door via the door alarm. Another advantage is that the SmartDevice app can indicate where best to keep groceries so that they stay fresh for longer. It helps Liebherr customers to benefit from these technical refinements on a daily basis by improving energy efficiency and keeping their food fresh for as long as possible.


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