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BioFresh – experience a world of freshness.

BioFresh for delicious freshness – in every compartment

Our BioFresh technology allows you to keep your food fresh for longer. How do we achieve this? Because our freshness technology creates the optimum climatic conditions. In different compartments. Enjoy market-fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in vitamins by storing them at high humidity and a temperature of just above 32 °F. On the other hand, meat that is full of flavour prefers a dry climate and is most at home in the Meat & Dairy safe. A chilly temperature of 28 °F extends the shelf life of fish and seafood in the Fish & Seafood safe from Liebherr.

BioFresh: The perfect climate for longer-lasting fresh food

Crisp cherries, freshly picked lettuce and juicy pineapple – who can say no to that? It's good to be sure that fruit and vegetables contain all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. BioFresh technology creates optimal storage conditions so that valuable vitamins and minerals are preserved for longer. The BioFresh safe creates a 0-degree zone in the refrigerator. Other areas such as the refrigerator compartment can maintain a different temperature independently of the BioFresh safe.

BioFresh safes

Fruit & Vegetable safe

Fruit & Vegetable safe

We know that you have high standards when it comes to food. And so you should. Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables from our Fruit & Vegetable safe, in which our engineers have combined high humidity with a temperature just above 32 °F using BioFresh technology. The result is a 0-degree compartment in the refrigerator that provides 100% freshness and 0% ice damage. It easily keeps lettuce fresh for up to 13 days and apples and kiwis for up to 80 days.

Meat & Dairy safe

Meat & Dairy safe

While fruit and vegetables prefer a humid climate, meat and dairy products keep longer in a drier environment with low temperatures. In the Meat & Dairy safe, they can be kept for even weeks or months. It’s perfect for delicacies such as fine salami. Or treat yourself to a full-flavoured cheddar – you can make up a cheese platter whenever you want. That’s because the longer it keeps fresh, the longer it stays delicious.

BioFresh Professional with Fish & Seafood safe

BioFresh Professional with Fish & Seafood safe

On your table as fresh as the moment it was caught – with the Fish & Seafood safe, fish and seafood stay fresh for even longer at a temperature of 28 °F and low humidity. Thanks to our innovative development, with BioFresh Professional we have solved the problem of rapid perishability of sensitive foodstuffs. For you, this means every day can be a culinary holiday with Mediterranean food straight from the sea. Say goodbye to everyday stress.


Frequently asked questions about BioFresh

What is BioFresh?

BioFresh is one of Liebherr’s freshness technologies. It is based on knowing the correct storage conditions for food. By developing a separate compartment with the ideal climate for each group of products, they stay fresh and edible for longer. Because the temperature in the vegetable drawer with BioFresh is 0 °C, it can be called a 0-degree zone in the refrigerator.

What’s behind the BioFresh freshness technology?

For longer storage and to preserve nutrients, the interplay of humidity and temperature has to be perfect. Each type of food – from fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy to fish and seafood – has its own requirements for the ideal conditions. BioFresh's flexibly adjustable compartments provide these, ensuring a longer shelf life. Find out about our other refrigeration technologies such as HydroBreeze and DuoCooling.

What are the differences between the various BioFresh safes?

The BioFresh safes differ primarily in the humidity levels they store food at.. While fruit and vegetables in the Fruit & Vegetable safe are kept at a high humidity to preserve as many vitamins and nutrients as possible without losing much water, products like dairy and meat prefer a drier environment. In the Meat & Dairy safe, BioFresh technology keeps the humidity as low as possible.

Can fish also be stored in the vegetable compartment of a refrigerator with BioFresh?

Yes, as long as the BioFresh safe is set to a temperature of 0 °C, fish can also be stored perfectly well in the 0-degree zone of the refrigerator. If you want to keep your fish even longer, you should opt for BioFresh Professional with a Fish & Seafood safe. In this climate zone, the temperature can be lowered to -2 °C independently of the other compartments. This keeps fish and seafood fresh noticeably longer.

How long does food keep in the vegetable drawer with BioFresh?

Unpackaged food stays good for several weeks with the BioFresh safe. Even cheese can be stored for several months. BioFresh technology increases the shelf life of many foods compared to a refrigerator with a vegetable drawer without BioFresh. Take a look at our BioFresh folding card and find out exactly how long your favourite foods will keep.

Are there BioFresh appliances with NoFrost refrigeration technology?

Yes, the fridge-freezers with BioFresh are equipped with either NoFrost in the freezer compartment or SmartFrost technology. You decide which of the technologies your appliance should come with. While SmartFrost means you have to defrost less often, NoFrost technology spares you the job entirely. Some of the BioFresh side-by-side refrigerators also have NoFrost in the freezer section.

What is the difference between BioFresh and EasyFresh?

Both BioFresh and EasyFresh technologies ensure ideal humidity levels in their climate zones. Both technologies use a tight seal to do this, which increases the humidity. The difference lies in the temperature. In the EasyFresh safe, the temperature is the same as in the rest of the refrigerator compartment. In the BioFresh safe, temperatures are close to 0 °C, which means the 0-degree compartment in the refrigerator offers you new options for setting independent temperature zones. Choose a refrigerator with a vegetable compartment that allows you to store your food individually.

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