Press releases | 08/02/2021 New Monolith: Liebherr continues expansion of iconic product line

  • Monolith Bottom Freezer reveals space-saving, efficient and stylish options for American kitchens

Customized Liebherr French door monolith bottom freezer

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For more than 65 years, Liebherr Refrigerators and Freezers has been pushing the limits of technology, convenience and design with the expansion of the Monolith collection, a line of groundbreaking refrigeration products that reflect a towering achievement of cooling technology.

The Monolith product lineup, currently featuring column refrigeration, column freezing and wine products, will now offer a 30- and 36-inch refrigerator with bottom freezer in two configurations - left hinge or right hinge – along with the highly anticipated, 36-inch French door option.

“We’re excited to debut a product that our customers have been asking for,” said Alex Squarize, Divisional Director of Liebherr USA, Co. Refrigerators and Freezers. “With people focused on making the most out of their living spaces, we can now provide them with smart, elegant solutions.”


In addition to being fully customizable to any American kitchen — like all the products in the Monolith line — the Monolith Bottom Freezer is designed to enhance luxury and performance in kitchens across North America, without compromising valuable space. Features include:

  • InfinitySwipe: Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch-control panel features a full-color 3.5-inch touch & swipe screen that’s bright, clean, and wonderfully user-friendly.
  • PowerCooling: Liebherr’s high-performance PowerCooling system ensures that newly stored foods are quickly cooled, while maintaining an even temperature throughout the interior. Taking this system one step further, Monolith circulates cold air through the door, keeping items stored in the door just as cold as everything else inside.
  • InfinityLight: Monolith’s seamlessly integrated LED side-wall lighting casts a beautiful and even glow, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors. InfinityLight doesn’t just add drama and flair, it also emits less heat, preserving food quality
  • BioFresh-Plus: The BioFresh-Plus technology stores fish and seafood at the perfect temperature, like at the fish market. Featuring separate electronic controls, BioFresh-Plus offers precise temperature regulation that can easily separate the drawer into two compartments with independent temperatures for everyday use.
  • SmartDevice: Monolith comes with a SmartDeviceBox which allows for the option of wifi capability, allowing temperature changes and adjustments to be made via a smartphone or tablet remotely
  • Ice Maker & FrostSafe Drawer: Monolith's automatic IceMaker produces 3.5 pounds of filtered ice in 24 hours, and activating the SuperFrost function can create an even greater quantity. Additionally, Monolith's FrostSafe sealed removable freezer drawer protects frozen food from unwanted loss of chilled air, even when the door is opened.

Liebherr’s reputation as a world leader in technology and design stems from listening to what matters most to customers, then meeting their needs with the most advanced technology, in the most attractive forms. Monolith products are created to integrate seamlessly into all styles of American kitchens, with vast customization potential, advanced technology and an elegant look with cutting-edge features.

The Monolith Bottom Freezer will be available in showrooms in late 2021. For more information on Liebherr and the Monolith products, please visit


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