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Laboratory refrigerators

For the very best in safety

When others rely on you, you can rely on Liebherr. Refrigerators and freezers for use in research, laboratories and pharmaceutical storage facilities must meet the most stringent requirements. With precise electronic control and accurate temperature setting, Liebherr laboratory refrigerators offer outstanding temperature stability. Numerous functions and equipment features ensure that sensitive substances, vaccines, medicines and samples are kept in the optimum conditions.

The advantages of our laboratory refrigerators

Temperature stability

Sensitive vaccines, preparations, samples and medicines are cooled to precise, constant temperatures – even when there are extreme climatic conditions. In addition, SmartMonitoring continually monitors temperature stability and sends alerts in the event of deviations.

Safety functions

Safety functions provided as standard ensure that the quality of sensitive substances is constantly assured. If you want maximum reassurance, use our preventive, cloud-based SmartMonitoring solution.

Alarm systems

Various integrated alarm systems immediately warn of deviations and help to realistically assess critical situations. In addition to the integrated alarm systems, SmartMonitoring also alerts you by email, text message, or phone.

Compliance with standards and directives

Liebherr refrigerators and freezers comply with all the various standards, norms and directives on storage quality, hygiene and safety.


The monitoring solution checks and documents all appliance data and alerts immediately in the event of deviations.


Safe storage of sensitive substances

Energy efficiency

Save costs and resources.

Hygienically clean

Cleverly designed for easy cleaning

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