Using the SmartDevice app, you can control your network-connected refrigeration and freezing devices from anywhere, and you will receive all relevant status and alarm notifications.

For example, the door alarm reminds you when the refrigerator door has been incorrectly closed. And thanks to the built-in BottleTimer, the app also reminds you about drinks in the freezer. Now exploded bottles in your freezer are a thing of the past.

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HNGRY is your intelligent shopping list app for perfect shopping planning.

With this app, you’ll never forget an item on your list again, and you can easily and efficiently organise all your groceries for the next time you go shopping.

Everything works like a breeze, thanks to intelligent shopping suggestions that are based on your past shopping behaviour and thanks to the automatic sorting feature, which sorts your purchases according to product categories in the supermarket. Another plus point: Thanks to the separate list feature, shopping lists are always up-to-date and individualised to each member of the household, so that double purchases of the same item are a thing of the past.

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