Refrigerators and freezers for bakeries and pastry shops

Refrigerators and freezers have to master special industry-specific challenges. Liebherr appliances ably cope with all these challenges. In addition to refrigerators and freezers designed for use in the bakery area, our range also includes impulse sales chest freezers and drinks refrigerators for the sales area. You can place complete trust in Liebherr's professional appliances: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Bakeries and pastry shops

Application: bakeries

Temperatures in Liebherr bakery appliances can be individually adjusted, depending on the model. Two highly efficient, energy-saving fans provide indirect air circulation that ensures optimised cooling within the interior and gentle cooling of delicate goods. Liebherr appliances offer numerous innovations to make everyday work easier. Find out more about Liebherr bakery appliances. Application: bakeries


Liebherr refrigerators for bakeries and patisseries combine robust construction with easy-to-clean maintenance and highly efficient refrigeration performance. They have been developed for use in high ambient temperature conditions (+10°C – +43°C). Standardised baking trays easily slide straight onto the L-shaped tray slides to make work uncomplicated and efficient when baking. Refrigerators


Convenient use and practical features – standardised baking trays easily slide straight onto the L-shaped tray slides. The interior containers are easy-to-clean and facilitate perfect hygiene. The door remains open once it reaches an opening angle of 90° for ease-of-use. Freezers