Storage perfection

Liebherr is a refrigeration and freezing specialist, and has an impressive space-saving appliance to meet every need. A perfect example of this is the CoolMini, a brilliant, new and efficient compact refrigeration appliance. In addition, the GrandCru wine storage cabinet now comes in a stylishly designed Smart-size, and cherished cigars can be stored under optimum conditions in the compact Liebherr humidor.

Design and lifestyle: compact appliances

Humidor: storage perfection for fine cigars

Premium cigars are handcrafted in a lengthy process involving strict quality controls and, to subsequently unfurl their own unique flavours, they must be correctly stored. The Liebherr humidor offers ‘aficionados’ the perfect storage microclimate, with climate setting options. Humidor: cigar storage cabinet


Award-winning design: the finishes and contours of Liebherr appliances offer timeless elegance and reflect the latest trends in interior design. Design editions

Wine and cigars

A fine glass of wine with a genuine Cohiba or Montecristo is a truly magical combination. Find out more about how to enjoy your wine to the fullest. Wine special