Energy efficiency at Liebherr

The new energy label: for a great climate. And not just in our appliances.

The new energy label for electrical appliances will be introduced in 2021. The overriding goal is to provide support in the purchasing of energy-efficient appliances. This is an important contribution to climate protection – and to your household budget. This is because rising energy prices mean that purchasing an economical appliance can pay for itself after just a few years.


It will soon be easier to distinguish efficient from inefficient appliances.

The existing label is currently of only very limited help in the purchasing decision. Due to the technological development of appliances over recent years, products on offer have become increasingly concentrated at the top of the efficiency scale. Therefore, as well as class A, there are now also classes A+, A++ and A+++. We want to spare you a fourth or fifth plus.

What exactly is changing?

With the upcoming reform of the energy label, appliances will again be distributed on the efficiency scale from A to G. This will make it much clearer for you in future. Energy-efficient appliances can now be identified as such faster and more clearly. With Liebherr, you can’t go wrong. Whether the current or the new label is used, you will generally find us at the top of the efficiency scale.

Why does your appliance contain two labels?

The new label will only be officially introduced on 1 March 2021. The current label is valid until that date. Nevertheless, we are including both versions with our appliances during the transition phase. This means you can familiarise yourself with the new energy label a little earlier. The new energy efficiency class of your appliance will, of course, be at the same high level as its class at the time of purchase.

This is what the new energy label will look like:

1) The QR code to identify the product in the EU database EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling).

2) The “Model Identifier” for manual identification of the product in the EU database EPREL, e.g. via the article number.

3) The newefficiency scale“A” to “G”. However, “G” is only intended for wine coolers.

4) The volume of allfreezer compartmentsin litres.

5) The volume of allrefrigerator compartmentsin litres.

6) Thenoise levelis now classified in classes “A” to “D”.

Do you have any more questions?

Which technologies make a refrigerator an energy-saving appliance? How will the new product database for domestic appliances benefit me? And how can we support you in making a contribution to our environment? No matter what questions you have about the new energy label, we will be happy to answer them. We look forward to hearing from you.

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