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Cooling to ensure maximum safety.

With SmartMonitoring and uninterrupted temperature control, a Liebherr cooling appliance is the safest place to store sensitive substances.

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Cooling to ensure maximum safety.

With SmartMonitoring and uninterrupted temperature control, a Liebherr cooling appliance is the safest place to store sensitive substances.

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SmartMonitoring: Intelligent solutions meeting the highest standards

Your appliance contains substances which need to be kept at a constant temperature. If the cooling failed and nobody noticed, your work would be ruined. SmartMonitoring regularly checks the appliance temperature, independently of the appliance controls. You can place your trust in SmartMonitoring.

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SmartMonitoring means focussed working.

With SmartMonitoring by Liebherr, you can concentrate on your work when you are at work, and feel safe in the knowledge that you will be alerted to any problems with your appliance, even out of hours. You can view the appliance status from anywhere, and SmartMonitoring will immediately sound the alarm if there's an anomaly. You can also access and download data records at the touch of a button.

Leave behind the worries about your materials storage, and save time producing documentation. SmartMonitoring from Liebherr is your entry into the world of digital monitoring and control.

Read about Liebherr SmartMonitoring in use at Söflingen day clinic, Germany. (PDF, 887 KB)

Digital monitoring solution

With SmartMonitoring, Liebherr offers individual and comprehensive solutions for the monitoring of professional fridges and freezers.

  • Monitoring: All measurement data, operating data, and appliance statuses at a glance
  • Alarm notification: In the event of faults, errors, temperature and door alarms, or appliance failure
  • Complete documentation: Temperature history, temperature compliance report
  • Service enquiries: Generate them directly from the dashboard

Keep an eye on your appliances at all times: the SmartMonitoring dashboard

Sensitive samples, chemicals and substances are affected by even the smallest temperature differences. Don't just rely on the temperature being perfect – check it. The SmartMonitoring dashboard displays the current measurement and operating data, alarm messages and appliance statuses at a glance. It is intuitive to use and can be accessed from everywhere.

Reliable alarm systems mean you stay informed

Besides an overview of warnings and appliance alarms, the alarm area also gives you the option for setting cloud alarms independently of the appliance.

  • Overview of active and past warnings
  • Ability to comment on alarms
  • Send service requests directly from the dashboard

Complete documentation

SmartMonitoring allows you to compile and export temperature documentation in csv format, for compliance with quality processes and guidelines. You can use the dashboard to access and export reliable reporting at any time.

Fast delivery

Reliable and fast delivery.

Secure payment

256bit SSL encrypted payment.

The connectable laboratory appliances from Liebherr at a glance

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SRFvh 4011 Perfection Laboratory refrigerator with fan-assisted cooling

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 188.4 / 59.7 / 65.4 cm
  • Energy consumption in 24h 1.065 kWh / 24h
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 188.4 / 59.7 / 65.4 cm
  • Adjustable temperature range +3 °C to +16 °C

SRFvh 5501 Perfection Laboratory refrigerator with fan-assisted cooling

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 179.3 / 74.7 / 76.9 cm
  • Energy consumption in 24h 0.468 kWh / 24h
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 179.3 / 74.7 / 76.9 cm
  • Adjustable temperature range +3 °C to +16 °C

SRFvh 5511 Perfection Laboratory refrigerator with fan-assisted cooling

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 179.3 / 74.7 / 76.9 cm
  • Energy consumption in 24h 0.985 kWh / 24h
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 179.3 / 74.7 / 76.9 cm
  • Adjustable temperature range +3 °C to +16 °C

SFFvh 5501 Perfection Laboratory freezers with fan-assisted cooling

  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 179.3 / 74.7 / 76.9 cm
  • Energy consumption in 24h 1.478 kWh / 24h
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 179.3 / 74.7 / 76.9 cm
  • Adjustable temperature range -9 °C to -35 °C

In order to use SmartMonitoring you will need



How long is my data stored for in the dashboard?

For the history diagrams, alarm lists and reports, the data is stored for 3 months. Reports which have already been created are available retrospectively for 6 months.

What are the user roles?

The roles (administrator or user) can be managed by the administrator in the MyLiebherr portal.

Administrator: Can use all functions and see all appliances. Is able to give permission to users for appliances.

User: Can not manage an appliance (cooling appliances and SmartCoolingHubs). Can not purchase or assign licences. Can not change appliance properties. Can not work with groups of appliances. Can not alter alarm settings.

For how long is my historical data visible?

We display your historical data for you for 3 months. Please save your historical data locally according to your own retention periods.

What are unlicensed appliances?

In order to view your data in the dashboard for an appliance, a licence must be assigned to it. Appliances which are linked with the SmartCoolingHub but to which no licence has been assigned are shown as unlicensed appliances. The dashboard cannot be used for these appliances.

How can I download detailed measured values for appliances?

Click on the appliance and go to ‘History’. Select the period you want. Click ‘Download history’. The measured values for the appliance are then downloaded as a CSV file and are also displayed in the table.

Why do I need a MyLiebherr company account?

A company account is necessary because SmartMonitoring is meant for commercial use. You need the MyLiebherr account to register in SmartMonitoring.

Am I able to invite colleagues to SmartMonitoring?

Yes, you can invite colleagues via the MyLiebherr portal. Your colleagues then have to create an account under your company account which you manage for them and to which you assign rights as administrator.

Why do I need a licence for my measuring point?

SmartMonitoring is a licence-based application. Each measuring point requires a valid licence in order to be visible and to be monitored in SmartMonitoring.

How can I use the licences I've bought?

In order to use the licence purchased, you must enter the licence key received in the relevant field, either directly when onboarding a new appliance or under ‘My appliances’ <Appliance> - ‘Licence information’. Once you have entered the licence key, click on the ‘Activate licence’ button in order to activate the licence and assign the measuring point.

How do I find information about my licences?

In SmartMonitoring, under ‘Settings’ – ‘Licence management’, you have an overview of all activated and assigned licences. Information about the assigned licence is available in the properties of each measuring point. Here you can also remove a licence.

What do the colours red, yellow and blue mean in the alarm display?

The alarm is displayed in red or yellow depending on how critical it is. Once they have been cancelled, all alarms are shown in blue. The duration of the alarm is then also shown.

How can I be notified via text or phone call?

For this form of notification, the text and phone call notification licence is needed.

What is the individual temperature limit?

Further individual temperature limits and delays can be set on the appliance via alarm settings. This setting is linked to the cloud alarm. The cloud alarms are then sent independently of the actual appliance alarms. This provides double security.

How can I set the temperature limits on the appliance via SmartMonitoring?

The appliance temperature is set on the appliance only.

What is a cloud alarm?

The cloud alarm is an additional alarm. This can optionally be activated and configured in SmartMonitoring. This alarm is independent of the appliance alarm and can be used in addition in order to provide even greater safety.

How long are my alarms visible for?

We display your historical alarms for 3 months. Please save your historical alarms locally for your individual retention periods.

How long are my reports visible for?

In SmartMonitoring, we show you the reports which have been created over the last 6 months. Please save your reports locally according to your own retention periods.

How do I make certain I fulfil my documentation obligations?

In order to meet your documentation obligation, it is important to regularly store the reports you have created and file them appropriately. The database for report creation is available to you retrospectively for 3 months. Reports already created can be accessed for up to 6 months.

How is my data processed?

The protection of your (personal) data is a top priority for us and we have therefore described the data processing relating to all matters concerning use of SmartMonitoring as transparently as possible in our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy can be found in the footer of our web application.

We have stated who is responsible for the processing of your data in our Privacy Policy as well as which data is processed for which purpose and on which legal basis, and who the internal and external recipients of your data are. In general, when describing data processing in SmartMonitoring, we have adhered strictly to Art. 13/14 GDPR.

How secure is my data?

We take the protection of your data very seriously and comply with all the regulations of GDPR. For secure data transfer, we use the very latest encryption methods and employ current standards of authentication and authorisation. The underlying cloud infrastructure complies with the ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications, among others.

Which cloud is used?

The data is stored exclusively within the EU on the servers of our service provider. We use Azure Cloud from Microsoft. This meets the highest security standards in Europe.

Data quality and data security

Due to the measurement interval and to the transfer and storage of data, there are latencies in the dashboard display (time and temperature latency) of up to 5 minutes. If the sensor cannot access the SmartCoolingHub even though it is connected, the sensor stores data for up to 24 hours and sends this when it can access the SmartCoolingHub again. The measurement interval of the temperature and door sensor vary based on the logic. The door sensor uses a switch logic which transfers the data as soon as there is a change, while the temperature sensor uses a specified measurement interval (pre-set: 5 mins) in order to transfer the sensor values to the SmartCoolingHub.

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